Videos on Football, Heading and Brain Damage

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This page has videos on the England 1966 football team and interviews with the former United States soccer player Brandi Chastain.

1966: The England Legends Who Can't Remember The Final

A video about two winners of the 1966 World Cup - Gordon Banks and Geoff Hurst. They talk about three of the players behind that victory. Martin Peters, Nobby Stiles and Ray Wilson all live with dementia. Ray Wilson died in May 2018.

Academic Video on Heading and Brain Injury

One of the aims of this website is to call for further research which could be undertaken at University College London (UCL). UCL has a strong research record on dementia and CJD; and the video below suggests that there is also significant research being undertaken on football, heading and brain injury.

TED Talk on Brain Injury and Concussion

Why Brandi Chastain reversed her stand on kids’ soccer safety

Soccer Star Brandi Chastain Donates Brain to CTE Research

Concussions in Soccer - What You Need to Know

Risk of Concussion in Soccer