Nutrition and Obesity

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The Significance of Poor Nutrition and its Relevance to Health


Poor nutrition can lead to reduced life expectancy and lower health status.  Inadequate nutrition can lead to increased rates of heart disease, stroke and diabetes (type 2).  There is also concern over the rise in obesity rates in the United Kingdom and the United States which can also damage health.


It is significant that heart disease can lead to a seriously reduced lifestyle where it is more difficult to breathe.  Also, diabetes can eventually lead to amputations and blindness.


To improve diet then the public needs to reduce their calorie intake and reduce the consumption of added sugar such as through fruit juices and soft drinks.  Also consumption of fruit and vegetables needs to be increased together with fibre which can be derived from pulses. 


Increased levels of exercise will not fully offset the effects of a poor diet. Therefore, poor diet is the main challenge to be addressed particularly a diet with high levels of sugar.

The Value of Economics in Addressing Nutritional Problems

Increases in taxation could be used to try and reduce consumption of harmful fats.  Also benefits could be used to improve nutritional deficiencies. 


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