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Why variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD) is different to other types of hazard. (November 2010)
Comment on spending more money on research into variant CJD. (November 2010)
Response to Edinburgh University lecture on variant CJD (November 2010). 
Response to Director of Prion Unit (July 2010)
Information on variant CJD in a second genetic type  (November 2010).

The Need for a Second BSE Inquiry (December 2016)

Comment on Economics and politics, discussing willingness to pay for public goods.

Research on the Economics of Food Safety and its relevance to UK food safety policy.

Football and Head Injury

Football, Heading and Brain Injury: Time for Government Intervention

Football, Brain Injury and Dementia: Time to Stop Heading ? 

The Cost of Football, Heading and Brain Injury to Health Services

A list of former UK footballers with dementia 

Discussion on the list of former footballers and ideas for research

Football and Stadium Safety

The Case Against Safe Standing at UK Football Grounds

All-Seater Stadiums: How the Hillsborough Disaster could have been avoided

Genetically Modified (GM) Food

Research on Consumer Acceptability of Genetically Modified Foods

Health Policy 

Comment on Alzheimer's Disease and Economics or Resource Allocation

Comment on Health Promotion and Financial Incentives

Newcastle Local Interest

Food Retailing in Newcastle upon Tynea retrospective view

Discussion on the proposed Blue House Roundabout in Newcastle upon Tyne (2016)

Discussion on the development of green fields in North Tyneside (2016)

Nutrition, Safety and Food Policy

A fat tax and a discussion on public health

A citizen's income could help to maintain food safety.

A negative income tax to reduce food poverty and food banks.

Politics and Political Commentary (2011/2012) 

Is the UK Liberal Party an Alternative to the Liberal Democrats (2011)?

The Future of the Liberal and Liberal Democrat Parties in 2012.

Is the Green Party an Alternative to the Labour Party (2012)?

Government policy on work experience overlooks unemployment (2012).


A discussion on supermarket concentration between 1995 and 2012

The supermarket problem: unemployment, monopoly prices and food deserts.

Comment and letter on Transport Safety (Rail Safety versus Road Safety: the A1 in Northumberland).

Transport Congestion, Safety and Over-Population in London