"We were there... We are here"

The SIGN-HUB Documentary


We were there... We are here’ is a documentary movie based on interviews to elderly signers conducted or digitalized in the framework of the SIGN-HUB project. The interviewees are users of Catalan Sign Language (LSC), French Sign Language (LSF), German Sign Language (DGS), Israeli Sign Language (ISL), Italian Sign Language (LIS), Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT), Spanish Sign Language (LSE), and Turkish Sign Language (TİD).

The interviews, which were all realized by Deaf interviewers and by Deaf crews, tell the life stories of signers, including their involvement in major events of the history of Europe.

The project has been coordinated by Roland Pfau. The documentary has been produced by Vincenza Iadevaia Gökgöz and edited by Affan Taner and Ali Kanat. Assistant producers were Aslı Göksel and Burcu Saral.

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Introduction - Roland Pfau, Vincenza Iadevaia & Delfina Aliaga

"We were there ... we are here" the SIGN-HUB documentary

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