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                                                                                                                Mount Elbrus (5642m, prominence 4741m), in the Russian Caucasus, the highest mountain in Europe
                                                                                                                                                 (photo courtesy of Vladimir Kopylov -
On this website you will find a growing library of hill and mountain lists, free for you to download and use, many of which can be printed off in booklet format.  Click on the 'View All' link in the toolbar at the bottom of this page to go to a list of European countries for which lists of the hills and mountains have so far been created.  Select a country and click to go to its page on this website.
This website has been set up to carry on, in a European context only, the work of Aaron Maizlish, whose website at contains a large selection of worldwide mountain lists.  The lists on this website mainly do not feature on

Most of the lists on this website are selected by their 'topographic prominence' (also called 'drop') classification. This is a way of identifying separate hills and mountains.  'Prominence' or 'drop' can be defined as the difference between the height of a summit and the lowest point on the watershed connecting it with a higher summit.  Many of the lists also feature a height criterion. To learn more about 'prominence' visit our 'sister' website here.

Enough of the technicalities!  Lists of hills and mountains are just a tool to get you out in the great outdoors to enjoy the challenges and joys of hill-walking and mountaineering.

Many people have contributed to the information contained on this website.  Their contributions are acknowledged in the hill and mountain lists you can download from the various pages below.  Special thanks go to Jonathan de Ferranti.  Jonathan has played a central role in both the Peaklist and Europeaklist listing projects. Without his efforts, this website would not exist. 
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An introduction to this website, by its author, can be found at

Watch this website as it develops in forthcoming months to find lists of the hills and mountains in the various countries of Europe.

Note: many of the lists which you can download from this website are in two formats.  Download the 'print-booklet' version if you want to print off a booklet for four A5 sized pages on A4 sheets of paper.  Download the 'e-booklet' version if you want to read the list in electronic format, for example on a computer, mobile or e-reader.  Where a print-booklet version is not shown as available and you would like a copy to download and print off, please contact Mark Trengove at the e-mail address shown at the bottom of this homepage.
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Comments/suggestions for this website would be welcome.  Contact me at marktrengove'at' - you will need to replace 'at' with '@' in the e-mail address - address changed to prevent spammers!
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