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Archive (not modern books - Free)                             

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts                           

The Online Books Page                                               

Open Library (only partially)                                      

Google Books                                                              



ProQuest Digital Dissertations                                  

Bibliotheka Virtualis                                                 

Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Free)                    

Europeana  (free)                                                       

Center Hellenic Studies (Harvard)                              

                                                                                       (easy download of articles with Firefox)

The University of Adelaïde (translations, free)          

Gallica (free)                                                              

OAPEN Library  (freely accessible academic books)                          , digitized rare books from Swiss libraries                      (Search for rare books from the 15th to 19th century. Free, easy, useful)


Electronic Journals Library                                         

Oxford Journals                                                                 

Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Free)                     

JSTOR (useful, sometimes free)                                  

PCI Full Texts (useful but not free)                            

ProQuest (only new articles, cca since 2005)                


Archive (not modern ones - Free)                               

Ulrich´s Periodicals Directory                                    

Bibliography with summaries                                     

Persée (French -useful – Free)                                    

List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies (AWOL) (free)                                                        (free)                                                      

OpenEdition (free)                                                      

Museum Helveticum    (free)                                      

GRBS      (free)                                                            

Revues suisses numérisées  (free)                              


English-Greek Dictionary                                           

Other dictionaries                                                       


LSJ and more (via Perseus)                                          

A Dictionary of Classical Mythology, by M. R. Wright 

Ancient philosophy, religion and medicine

Gods (portreits, pictures, sources)                              


Ancient Astrology                                                         

Latin texts and translations                                        


The Presocratics (texts and informations)                                           

Medicin (texts)                                                            

Epigraphy                                                                              www.edh_www.adw.uni/

Inscriptions (full texts)                                                          

Papyri (bibliography, informations)                             


Religious studies (theory):

Virtual Religion Index                                               

Religious Studies                                                         

BUBL LIN: 200 Religion                                               

Wabash Center                                                          

Method and Theory in Religion                                   



Catalogues of the main libraries:

The Library of Congress                                            


Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog                                      

Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog                                   

Bibliothèque National du France                                


National Library Catalogues Worldwide                     

E- bibliographies:                                                                                

L´Année philologique                                                 

Index Islamicus                                                          

Rambi: The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies               

E-second hand bookshops:  


Addal Used Books                                                      


ZVAB (německá oblast a Skandinávie)                        

SFB – Suche und Finde Bücher (celosvětové)                




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