Site born on 23 September 2011, this page last updated 25 April 2012, see changelog in left hand menu for other site updates. It was created by me (Jo Brodie) solely for my own use but I'm delighted if anyone else finds it useful. It was written for 'future me' - the me that needs to update statistical information but hasn't done so for a while and has forgotten where everything is (and it all moves around anyway, grumble).

About this site
This Google site ('diabetes statistics') contains a variety of mostly-UK statistics relating to diabetes (costs, complications, use of insulin pumps, death rates etc, see menu on left or sitemap at bottom left) which come from a variety of sources including the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the York & Humber Public Health Observatory (YHPHO), the NHS Information Centre (NHSIC) and information gleaned from parliamentary discussions via TheyWorkForYou.com's easy-interface rendering of the Hansard Society reports. See Useful resources for more information.

I've collected this information over a few years (I think its creation coincided with the ONS tweaking their website and all my bookmarks failing me...). I have used some of the figures in my work myself, or been asked by others to find or confirm various statistics - as such this is not a complete record of every possible type of diabetes stat, just the ones I've worked with or found.

Merely capturing a statistic for use isn't enough because it will soon be out of date. The thinking behind this site is to help me remember how I arrived at a particular figure and where I found it. Links will go out of date but there should be enough information for me (and anyone else who's found it) to track it down. There's generally a record of the filepaths and all most things link to the item where I found something, or at most one level above.

This entire site is really more of a breadcrumb trail, or ball of string to help you (me!) find your way through the maze... leading visitors (and future me) towards their destination than as a destination in itself. The current stats shown on the various pages may have been correct when first written but use the same 'trail' given to arrive at up-to-date stats once new information has become available. 

Any errors are solely my fault and no-one else's. Feel free to point them out to me at jo . brodie @  gmail.com

Caveats - the small print
Here be statistical dragons and other pitfalls

Bits to be aware of
  • date - have you checked the primary source for something more up to date? Remember that data covering a particular time period (eg 2011/2012) will usually be published the following year once the data collection period has passed and any analysis etc is done. There is nearly always a delay.
  • location - is this an England or UK stat, or relevant to a particular area within a nation that might not be relevant to another one? 
  • population - is this statistic relevant in one group of people but not another?
  • completeness - eg if looking at death statistics don't forget to look at T1, T2 and other types of diabetes