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'Short Story anthology explores magical realism in Seoul alleys'

(Interview with The Korea Herald)

What are dragedies? Have I ever encountered Guisin-dong? What's the influence of shamanism in my 'Seoul Villages'? Why are alleyways so important? I had the pleasure to answer Jon Dunbar's very stimulating questions in this interview for The Korea Times ('Short Story anthology explores magical realism in Seoul alleys' - 20200506, also published 20200513). 

'Seoulscope - Seoul Villages'

(Interview in French with KBS World Radio - podcast)

On 'Seoul Villages' and Seoul Village, on reality and fiction, on Paris and Seoul, on authors and conceptors, on paper and ebooks, on ghosts and haunting, on the threads you pull as you walk the city. An interview in French with LEE Seula for KBS World Radio ('Seoulscope - Seoul Villages' - 20200626). 

'Interview with Colin Marshall' (including podcast)

'Shapeshifter with Stephane Mot"

(Interview with Colin Marshall - podcast)

If you have one hour to spare, I invite you to listen to the conversation Colin Marshall and I had in a Seoul cafe. We both share a love for roaming cities and writing about them, but only Colin is blessed with an uncanny gift for maieutics, a truly clear mind, and a spellbinding voice. If you enjoy that interview as much as I did, praise him. And that annoying gibberish of mine? Don't try to put it on a hot summer day, a night unnecessarily shrunk by insignificant World Cup games, or even my Frenchness.

So take a cup of coffee, and come sit down with us. 

'Stephane Mot Impressions papier hanji"

(Interview in French with Benjamin Joinau / Atelier des Cahiers - video)

Ce bref entretien vidéo avec l'éditeur d'"Impressions papier hanji" a été enregistré au coeur de l'été séoulite, et au coeur de la capitale (à Seochon, Jongno-gu - mon quartier préféré et le nouveau repaire de Benjamin). Ambiance sombre, mais il est question 'de Vermis Seoulis', de hantise, de fantastique, et du côté obscur de la ville.

This short video interview with the publisher of 'Impressions papier hanji' was recorded in the middle of the summer and in the heart of Seoul (Seochon, Jongno-gu, my favorite neighborhood and Benjamin's new lair). I'm at my Bela Lugosi best, but this is about 'de Vermis Seoulis', haunting places, and the dark side of Seoul. - Copyright Stephane MOT 2003-2020 

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