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Frankly, you don't want to visit this Seoul neighborhood. Anyway you won't find it on any map. It's rather Guisin-dong that finds you.

Published in February 2015, 'Guisin-dong is, like 'Year Of The Dog', one of the 12 Seoul 'dragedies' released on April 2020 in the new 'Seoul Villages' collection. 

Download 'Guisin-dong' for free here (Download "Guisin-dong"), on Wattpad, or  on Google Play Books  along with my other free ebooks: 'Seoul Villages', 'Year Of The Dog'.  Any comments are welcome (e.g. on dragedies website, on Google Play Books, on Amazon...).

Stephane in Seoul

'Guisin-dong' - Copyright © Stephane MOT 2012-2013 All rights reserved. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or beyond those stages, is purely coincidental. - - Copyright Stephane MOT 2003-2020 

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