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"Blogules" are, as you may have guessed, small blogs. Some are red, rather aggressive but nourishing. Some are white, more of the "slomo" kind, but also profitable for the organism. They ain't no literature, but I need to relieve my animal self.         SM 2003

I spill blogules in French as well (or rather as poorly as) in English, and on any kind of topic... red blogules or white blogules ? it depends on the mood. If most are barely legible, some reached higher grounds (Newsweek, Le Figaro, International Herald Tribune, JoongAng Ilbo...).

My two original blogule transfusion centers:  

  - blogules (in English)
  - blogules (in French)

 Step by step, thematic blogules spun off (all on Blogger except footlog):

  - mot-bile (on wireless, innovation)
  - footlog (in French, on football / soccer), on
  - Seoul Village (on Seoul, Korea, Korean food)
  - Citizen Came (visitors profiles - over 200 countries)
-  ...

My blogs basically peaked around 2006-2007 (footlog reached the top 7 for French soccer blogs, mot-bile an expert following, blogules interesting highs and lows), Seoul Village a couple of years later. Now all of them are almost extinct and I only post once in a while not to get totally rusty.


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Year by year

One whole year cannot be summed up in one single word, but here was my shot for the first years (see below) :

2009 - The Year of ... ?

2008 - The Year of Hope

2007 - The Year of Fundamentalism

2006 - The Year of Revision

2005 - The Year of Negation

2004 - The Year of The Architect

2003 - The Year of Shame

For the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the blogules transfusion center, or to the contents page (list updated once a year : 2003 - 2004 H1 - 2004 H2 - 2005 H1 - 2005 H2 - 2006 H1 - 2007 H1 - 2007 H2 - 2008 H1 - 2008 H2 - 2009 H1 - 2009 H2)


2009 - The Year of ... ? 

This page shall be updated beginning of next year. Full lists of 2009 blogules (1st half) : 2009 blogules (H1)  


2008 - The Year of Hope


America rejected Amerika : the US rejected as false the choice between their security and their ideals. Tina Fey wins the SNLections. Last throes (?) : Fundamentalists v. Mumbai, hawks v. Gaza, AIPAC v. J Street, Chinese revisionists v. Korea, Japanese neofascists v. Japan...

Among the year's expressions : "GOP : time to split", "Dial Hillary for Murder", "This is not a financial crisis", "Driving Mister Crazy", "The Washington Dodgers", "Riding the Bullet", "The Stolen Election", "Lessons from Mumbai", "9/11 Truthers knockin' at your door", "A Christmas Gift for Fundamentalists ?"

Full lists of 2008 blogules : 2008 blogules (H1) - 2008 blogules (H2)


2007 - The Year of Fundamentalism


France votes, Blair embraces Benedict XVI, fundamentalism and intelligent design spread across Europe, bubbles confirm their burstings in the US...


Among the year's expressions : "universal declaration of independence from fundamentalism", "Iran : who wants war and why" - "David Attenborough, one life on Earth" - "Dubai from Sim City to Sin City" - "This is not a financial crisis but a crisis of finance"


Full lists of 2007 blogules : 2007 blogules (H1) - 2007 blogules (H2)



2006 - The Year of Revision


Another revisionist leader for Japan, Israel attacks Lebanon, Amerika rewrites history and redefines values...

Among the year's expressions : "Palestine : the Bangladesh Scenario", "Benedict XVI - fundamentally wrong", "The President who 'saves American lives'", "Heil to the Thief"...

Full lists of 2006 blogules : 2006 blogules (H1) - 2006 blogules (H2)


2005 - The Year of Negation


Except for Ronaldinho's "Ballon d'Or", not much to celebrate. Just an observation : the world is in poor shape but the new blogules are quite popular !


France enjoys a 1968 revival : intellectual debates, cynicism, idealism, riots, a Cohn Bendit with moustaches, demagogues from the right and demagogues from the left, an aging president... The "non" to the referendum is just one year ahead of schedule compared to 1968. On the other hand, Europe is delayed for a few more decades.


Amerika is still enjoying its Joe McCarthy - John Edgar Hoover revival, but approaches the period when public opinion starts wondering where moral values truly stand. Here, it's one year too late... and America is lost for a few more decades (a Supreme Court judge's life expectancy).


And the masquerade of imposteurs goes on : Dubya the Born Again Texan from New England, Koizumi the revisionist reformer, Fabius the hairless Che, Sarkozy the defender of both secularism and scientology, Benedict XVI the Pope that will destroy the Church...


Among the year's expressions : "I smell a Ratz" - "when Harry met nazis" - "habemus napalm" - "Bush-Allawi - How much for a journalist in Baghdad ?" -   "Department of Factice" - "Invasion of the Buddy Snatchers" - "a quagmire abroad and a bayou at home"...


Full lists of 2005 blogules : 2005 blogules (H1) - 2005 blogules (H2) 


2004 - The Year of The Architect


Red and dark blogules everywhere - a few hopeless white spots now and then... the November 2 outcome is so obvious, this mass of anger so useless...

Beyond the success of propaganda (hiding an amazing series of abuses : scientific revisionism, illegal taping, denial of all the safeguards of democracy, negation of human rights, illegal abductions and even torture...), the country seems to have changed so deeply, at the county level. America choses almost wittingly a new Weltanschauung for the decades to come, and John F. Kerry is certainly not the man who can curb this trend.


Radicalism, revisionism, negationism... Everything is allowed and the world seems to be choking. Global warming is not the main cause... yet. Amerika sets the pace but is not the center of the world anymore. Western style integration models become disintegrative...


Under the direction of The Architect Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove, the 2004 Presidential Campaign turns disgusting and revolting - the unevitable outcome is all the more difficult to swallow... just like my blogules, piling up on an endless page (where I spared you the bulk of them !). Mid december, I decide to switch to a more industrial process and finish the year without any heart failure.


Among the year's expressions : "Commander in Thief" - "Stubborn Again Christian" - "Let's face it they're fascists" - "Outlaws and disorder" - "Koguryo / Goguryo : yes to the Korean Identity, no to the Chinese Supremacy" - "Farenheit 9/11 - the new Moore's law" - "B cubing - Blind Bush Bashing" - "Alberto Gonzales - Minority Report" - "embedded / in bed with Karl Rove" - "creationism and cretinism" - "Lord Dubya, King of the Banana Republic of the Divided States of Amerika" - - "Dear Compassionate Leader" - "Lobby Dick" - "The Man Who Sold The War" - "One armpit away" - "Comical Ali Burton" - "A peace President for a nation in pieces" - "GOP : The new war of secession"...


NB : for the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the blogules transfusion center.

The last blogules of 2004 are on, the rest on  blogules archives. Full lists : 2004 blogules (H1) - 2004 blogules (H2)


2003 - The Year of Shame


03/03/03 : nice date to launch, but quite late for an egotistic fella with a 10 year professional experience in online services.


The first "blogules" are spilled as they come - unfortunately, I refuse the comfort of online blog services and decide to control the whole creation process on PageBuilder. The result is a heavy-and-user-unfriendly page archeologists can somehow unhearth in the 2003-2004 archives.

As far as content is concerned, red is on. Main target : George W. Bush, whose project of an illegal invasion of Iraq sounds like the worse decision of an American prez since the choice of English as the official language (thanks to another French bashing George W., Washington). Not only will King Dubya betray the victims of 9/11 : he will offer a royal gift to the fundamentalists of all confessions and ease the job of terrorist recruiters. When the war was about to start and actually did, I was in New Orleans and Atlanta, feeling the overwhelming power of US Weapons of Mass Disinformation, witnessing the stalinist trial of John F. Kerry and his eventual support of the worst mistake in modern history. I'm ashamed for this country I love. Remaining silent is not an option.


Among the year's expressions  : "Weapons of Mass Disinformation", "XP hate - expiate" - "Ali Burton and the forty thieves" - "Masters in Bullshit Administration" - "SUnoVa car" - "Amerika - take a walk on the dark side" ...


The 2003-2004 blogules are stored in a specific website, blogules archives : list of 2003 blogules (Jan-Dec) - Copyright Stephane MOT 2003-2011 

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