Seoul Villages

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"A series of love letters to Seoul and its many alleyways" (The Korea Times)

"Let's dive into the surreal world built by this urbanism enthusiast (KBS World Radio)

"Rarement je me suis plongée avec autant de bonheur dans un livre écrit par un Occidental sur la Corée! Stéphane Mot voit la Corée de derrière, la Corée des invisibles. La Corée des esprits et des chamanes, Séoul, ses rues, son âme et ses âmes qui me touchent tant. Bravo !" (Juliette Morillot)


Don't try to escape this ghost neighborhood, don't waste your energy tearing off that plant, and don't even think about catching Korea's most elusive shaman: you just can't shake off death. So let this fictional Seoul claim your soul.

'Seoul Villages' includes 12 'Seoul dragedies', among which 'Year Of The Dog', and 'Guisin-dong' .

Download for free 'Seoul Villages', 'Year Of The Dog', and 'Guisin-dong' on Google Play Books along with my other free ebooks. Any comments and reviews are welcome (e.g. on dragedies website, on Google Play Books, on Goodreads, on Amazon...).

Stephane - April 2020

UPDATE APRIL 2022: 'Séoul Villages' enfin disponible en Français ! téléchargez gratuitement l'ebook sur Google Play Books :
And still available: my other books, and my other free ebooks.

NEW: interview with Jon Dunbar in Korea Times (20200506): "Short story anthology explores magical realism in Seoul alleys"

Seoul Villages:

  • Crossroads and forking paths - a foreword by Mr. Ho

  • Seoul Village(s) - a foreword by the author

  • Guisin-dong

  • Year of the Dog

  • de Vermis Seoulis

  • Sweat dream

  • Black Snow

  • Korean wave

  • Tchik!

  • Comin'up next

  • Seoul Metamorphosis

  • (Alleyways – Ogin-dong, Autumn)

  • Hunting for Kim Mudangnim

  • (Alleyways – Sajik-dong, somewhen)

  • Lexicon – Korean terms

Reminder: Seoul is not just my main character for fiction: meet this shapeshifting and elusive city in my blog (places, things, beings, cityscapes...), or in the essay "Inhuman, all too human Seoul".

'Seoul Villages' - Copyright © Stephane MOT 2013 - All rights reserved. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or beyond those stages, is purely coincidental. - - Copyright Stephane MOT 2003-2011

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