Year Of The Dog

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Initially published in French 10 years ago ('L'Année du Chien' - 'Breves', 2007), 'Year Of The Dog' remains so far my only non-fiction Seoul 'dragedie', and the only one written from a foreigner's point of view. Yet it's not my first story featuring a dog - that would be 'Le regard d'un ami' (1979), where the narrator himself is canine. Which, as you'll see, doesn't make me humane.

I met this dog in Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu, along Danghyeoncheon, long before Seoul upgraded it into a park. That streamlet also appears in my essay "Inhuman, all too human Seoul" (picture of an old timer who used to grow vegetables there).

Published in November 2017, 'Year Of The Dog' is, like 'Guisin-dong', one of the 12 Seoul 'dragedies' released on April 2020 in my new 'Seoul Villages' collection.

Download 'Year Of The Dog'' for free here, on Wattpad, or on Google Play Books along with my other free ebooks: 'Seoul Villages', 'Guisin-dong'. I hope you enjoy it, but welcome any comments and reviews (e.g. on dragedies website, on Google Play Books, on Amazon...).

Stephane - November 2017 - April 2020

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