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Published by Atelier des Cahiers, this anthology proposes short stories about Korea by four female Korean authors and six male French authors (Alain ROBBE-GRILLET, KIM Ae-ran, Francois LAUT, KIM Da-eun, Antoine COPPOLA, CHOI Myeong-jeong, Eric SZCZUREK, EUN Hee-kyung, Michel LOUYOT, and Stephane MOT).

If 'dragees' are sweets you offer to somehow exorcise festive events, these 17 dragedies nonsensically announce death. Some bits can taste sweet, sour, sad, or funny, and you eventually choke on them (in a final lexicon, I define humor as "the ability to accept death in general and one's weakness in particular, in order to make life in general more acceptable, and one's existence in particular more bearable to others").

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'The League of the Forgotten - The Other History of Football' tells the stories of unlucky soccer players, personalities or events that didn't even have the chance to exist.

From the 1946 World Cup to George H. W. Worst, more proofs that History is the legend that triumphed over other tales.

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