Author & Chief AtoZ Officer

French author (with a weakness for fiction, satire, and nonsense) and conceptor (with an unhealthy interest in strategy and innovation).

* About "dragedies - la mer amarree":
If 'dragees' are sweets you offer to somehow exorcise festive events, these 17 dragedies nonsensically announce death. Some bits can taste sweet, sour, sad, or funny, and you eventually choke on them (in a final lexicon, I define humor as "the ability to accept death in general and one's weakness in particular, in order to make life in general more acceptable, and one's existence in particular more bearable to others").

* About "Impressions papier hanji":
Published by Atelier des Cahiers, this anthology proposes short stories about Korea by four female Korean authors and six male French authors (Alain ROBBE-GRILLET, KIM Ae-ran, Francois LAUT, KIM Da-eun, Antoine COPPOLA, CHOI Myeong-jeong, Eric SZCZUREK, EUN Hee-kyung, Michel LOUYOT, and Stephane MOT).

* About "La Ligue des Oublies - l'autre histoire du football":
'The League of the Forgotten - The Other History of Football' tells the stories of unlucky soccer players, personalities or events that didn't even have the chance to exist.

* About the rest:
. graduated from ESSEC, survived 3 start-ups, boosted 1 go-far, defines writing as his "most embarrassing bodily function".
. his fictions have appeared in various anthologies in French (Breves, Impressions Papier Hanji), and in English (Every Other Sunday, Out of Place).
. his 'junk writing' overflows a rudimentary waste sorting system consisting in one blog for each 'vertical': Korea (, Weapons of Mass Disinformation (, innovation (mot-bile), soccer (footlog)...
. his 'non-junk non-fiction' is occasionally published by serious media about serious issues (in France, Korea, the US).

Description of the position :
- as an author : generally in front of his laptop
- as a soccer player : generally striker (# 9)
- as a thinker : generally out of the box
- as a constant traveler : generally somewhere between Paris and Seoul (often elsewhere)
- ...
- as a proud Seoul citizen : member of the Seoul Global Center Business Advisory Committee

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Key moments - the 20th century revisited
    1967 - born in Paris (4.25 kgs)
    1970 - discovers writing (some pretend it existed before)
    1971 - first participations in TV shows (French Ministry of Education)
    1977 - first paid publication (Le Diablotin - 2 subscribers across France)
    1981 - revelation of center-forwardship in Burghausen, BRD
    1991 - born in Seoul-Gimpo (70 kgs)
    1993 - marries Heyonn in Paris

I've always been an author but there's something you should know :
I was a teenage mutant in a corporate world
anticipate - create - innovate

Ye Olde Years 

Ecole maternelle Chardon Lagache
Ecole primaire Musset
Co-founder of "Le Diablotin"

Lycee Saint Jean de Passy
Bridgeport University, CT, USA - ELS
Preparatoire Carnot
Editor at "Reserves"
. Publication of "Lautriv" and other short stories

ESSEC 1991
. co-founder Defonce d'Afficher
. President and Editor in Chief
 (ESSEC Medias, Synchro Magazine)
. "Deregulation in Indonesia"
 (Credit Lyonnais Jakarta)
."Urbanism & Lifestyle in Hauts de Seine"
 (FNAIM & Conseil General 92)

The French Embassy in Seoul, ROK
 (Assistant Commercial Attache) 

The "start-up" years

(early bird catches the e-worm)

Marketing Manager
 (CLV / GC Telematique)

. Managing 2 online gaming sites
(gross margin x 2)
. Media Planning (advertising ROI x 4)

Marketing Project Manager
(Fintel AudioSmartCard)

Designing new applications for the AudioSmartCard solution (B2B, B2C, all industries and services : banking, trading, insurance, sports...). Invented the Penaltel concept.

Marketing Director (Intercarte International)
Launching France's first challenger in calling cards (BtoB, BtoC). Designing tailor made applications for new markets (telecommunities, online gamers, customer services...) at a national and international level.

The "Vivendi - SFR - cegetel" years

Market Manager - cegetel (1996-1998)
Launching France's leading challenger in fixed line services (Le 7 de cegetel) in charge of :
- loyalty strategy (designing the group's first loyalty program) - international services (10% market share EOY 1)
- convergence and internet (group synergies, VoIP, website...)
- boosting indirect channels through innovative pricing (inventing France's first long distance "forfaits", the "super sunday" concept...)

Strategic Intelligence Manager - SFR - cegetel (1999-2003)
Driving the cultural shift from a best follower in mobile comms to a leader in mobile multimedia :

=> Strategic Intelligence Manager (1999-2001):
. War rooms and preemptive strikes for decision makers (a competitive edge in the 3G license bidding process)
. New strategic toolkits for everyone (markets, value chains, services, players...)
. Collaborative networking for everybody (initiating the Group's Strategic Intelligence dynamics)

=> Strategy Manager (2001-2003):
. Long Term Strategy, New Business & Strategic Partnerships
. Madness, One Step Beyond (Wi-Fi, 4G, new communicating devices, imaging services, mobile TV, production, edition, content verticals...)
. Coordination of Strategic Partnerships

NB : overall, 7 years in the group from 1996 to 2003 and from COFIRA to CEGETEL Longue Distance to TDS to Le 7 to cegetel to Groupe Cegetel to SFR-Cegetel to SFR. The opportunity to work with the group's main shareholders (Vivendi-Universal, Vodafone, SBC, BT, Mannesmann...) as well as their extended families (Vizzavi, Universal Music Mobile...).

Back to the writing board

Innovation isn't as fun as it used to be and mature markets tend to bore me. Now I'm focusing on the only disruptive environments I know will remain as such : the ones I design in my head.
This excuse for a website only displays my junk writing (blogules in French, blogules in English-or-sort-of, Seoul Villagemot-bile and footlog).
For the "literature" part, my "dragedies" are up for grabs.
Somewhere in between, I published chronicles on "The other history of football", La Ligue des Oublies. That's football as in soccer, not the helmet crushing contest.

Founding member of Seoul Global Center Business Advisory Committee since 2010

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