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What I like about France ? The diversity of regions and landscapes, some beautiful villages, a taste for debate and great food (unfortunately more difficult to find than it used to), local markets, and the kindness which at times blossoms where you least expect it. My favorite region remains Perigord Noir, one of the most demanding and rewarding places to ride a bike.

What I don't like about France ? Conservatism, unbalanced urbanism (ie periurban nightmares next to overprotected centers), the absence of culture of service, and what I call the French Bitterness (a general thirst for dissatisfaction).

Paris perfectly balances Seoul, and I need to alternate between both every now and then.

A French citizen born in Paris, I love the place enough to spill a few red blogules on it every now and then, particularly when French rulers err in directions I consider wrong.

In return, many visitors to my personal portal come from France. From all regions and from over 4,000 cities. I listed a few details about them, including lists of national government offices. Also on my Citizen Came blog : a few restaurants. - Copyright Stephane MOT 2003-2011

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