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Since July 2011, we have had access to a house in Brittany, in a small town called Guerlesquin. In order to keep a record of our local visits, I have started to compile a map, which is found here.


In 2009 I visited Tenerife for the first time, with an A'level geology group. During the week, we were based in Playa de las Americas and explored a number of geologically significant locations mainly towards the south, west and centre of the island. During the week, I carried a Garmin GPS, which I used to log some of our journeys and to waymark each of our stops. The map which I produced in Google Maps is shown below. I never did finish linking photographs and descriptions to each location. Since then, I have been twice more, including an amazing trip up Mount Teide in December 2011. If you open this map in Google Maps, you can also use Street View to look in detail at many of the locations. So far, I have attached descriptions to the waypoints for the first three days.  For a map of the circular walk at Los Roques de Garcia, click here.