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Walk from near Vilaflor to the caldera rim

Caldera view

The best view of the caldera that I have enjoyed came after a very enjoyable walk from the TF-21 to the caldera wall. Each of the place markers on the Google Map represents at least one photograph, with most linked to 360 degree panoramas in 360cities.net. For me, this 3.2 mile walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon was the highlight of the 2013 field trip to Tenerife. Click on the image above to open an annotated version of this image in GigaPan. Click on the map to open the interactive version in Google and explore this beautiful countryside.

Vilaflor to caldera map

This image shows a mini planet, a stereographic projection of a 360 degree panorama, captured on the way down the hill at the end of the walk. Click on the image to view a larger version in Flickr, where you can also browse the rest of the photographs from this walk.

Canarian pine panosphere