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Helford Passage

Helford Passage boathouse panorama

Map extractHelford Passage is a secluded spot on the Falmouth side of the Helford River. It is the location of the Ferry Boat Inn and the embarkation point for the passenger ferry across the Helford River to Helford Village on the Lizard peninsula. This picturesque location is a good starting point for a walk to Swanpool, past Trebah and Glendurgan Gardens.
On 14th October 2012, I captured three 360x180 degree equirectangular panoramas and three panospheres (mini planets) on the foreshore. The locations are shown on the map, which can be viewed here or by clicking on the image of the map.
The placemarkers on the master map each contain a thumbnail image of the panorama captured at that point. The thumbnails images are, in turn, links to the immersive viewer in 360cities.net.
Equirectangular panoramas
In all, I captured three equirectangular panoramas. Click on these images to view them in the immersive viewer on 360cities.net.


Each of these three panoramas was stitched from nine images, captured using my Canon 1000D and panoramic tripod head. Click on the images to view them using the immersive viewer in 360cities.net. Alternatively, they can be viewed at slightly lower resolution in Flickr using these links: rocky panorama, dinghy panorama and boathouse panorama.
Stereographic panospheres (miniplanets)
I created three panospheres from the panoramas. Click on the images to view them at a larger size on Flickr.


Each of these panospheres or miniplanets are stereographic projections of the 360x180 degree equirectangular panoramas above. They are produced from the same stitched images. Click on the pictures to view them at a larger size in Flickr. My favouite is the image of the boathouse, but I feel that the image of the dinghy makes an interesting panosphere, but a relatively uninteresting panorama, although it does look good in the immersive viewer.
My favourite panorama from this set is the one next to the boat house, even though I was not expecting it to be good. I like it because of the texture in the stonework, the variety of content in the image and the perspective, as it is at the end of the beach. This image works as an interactive panorama, a panosphere and an image in its own right. Click on the image to view it in Flickr's lightbox.
Helford Passage boathouse panorama