Sound Clips

Sound Clips

This page contains sound clips from the Friday nights. Arthur Wakefield sounds can now be found in the Arthur Wakefield page

If we have put anyone's sound clip on this page and they wish it to be removed just let us know.

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Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 09/09/2022. Mike invited the club to stand for a moments of silence to mark the end of the Queens reign and the start of a Kings reign and then told a tale of another King. Rik told of Corrina, Les warned about being poor and Yvonnne had some climbing tips. Rich braved Jake Thackrays take on talkative women, Ian looked forward to the club meeting again, Jeff reminded us of an old Arthur Wakefield favourite and Peter did the same. Ken reminded us who we all are (see photo below) and Phil looked back on the duration of the club. Andy and Dave had another Arthur favourite while Alan closed the show with a favourite that has surely been sung at the club in each of its forty years. Hopefully see you all soon. The home page will be updated as soon as we know about reopening the club

See below some of 'Bollies Weekly Folkies'


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 02/09/2022. A great turnout for the penultiment meeting of the club for a while. Mike gets us going as we hear all about Joyce, Rik has some Rolling Stones for us (on banjo!), our own Kate Bush tells of a wreck, Rich tells of Tim and Dave has our favourite dog song. Tony plays a well known tune on a guitar he built himself but supplies the words with which we are not so familiar and Phil tell of a spider. Keith sings of an old clock and then invites a moment of remembrance for Gordon Macdonald who died recently. We then have a couple of shanties, one from Ken and one from Alan. John thinks of travelling with Bert Janch and Andy and Dave finish with an Arthur Wakefield favourite.


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 26/08/2022. We start with Rik in a jazz mood inviting the folkies to try their hand at scat singing (I think the result can be summed up as 'Well thats jazz!'). We welcome back Yvonne asking us to stay, Tony has an Irish classic, Ian is worried about other peoples sleep, Ken dreams of a simple supper, Alan takes a profound look at life and Mike tells of a ferry crossing. Andy and Dave finish at a Loch in Scotland.


There are no audio clips from the Singers Night on 19/08/2022. With many apologies for absence we expected a quiet night but still got an enjoyable one for those who turned up.


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 12/08/2022. A magnificent turn out always suggests a great night and so it turned out! We start with the ever impressive Tim and Ann with one song from each. Ian explains about getting knocked up, Rik has some sultry blues and all is well with Egriega. Alas, Alan tells of a love story where the lovers end each others arms, albeit dead at the bottom of the sea but on a more cheery note Dave H says cheerio. Southsiders have some more blues plus some advice about blowing things up. Andy and Dave finish with something farmers probably havent seen for a while (mud, that is, not hippopotamusses).


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 05/08/2022. We start with what Mike reckons should be the club's theme song with Ken's adaptation of a Rob Johnson classic. Ken gets a second entry if only for the reason that I had to research the title but I think it was worth it. What was also worth getting two entries was Dianes short poems, the first with a clever message describing a particular camera aid and the second one not quite as subtle. Maggie is involved with some drunken maidens, Tony is lonely in a field, Andy has a fear of falling and Mike finishes with a countdown to zero-oooooooooooooooo! (You'll have to have a listen if you dont understand)


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 29/07/2022. Recordings are just from the first half as I had to leave at half time unfortunately but there was more than enough to choose from. Mike gets us started with an old Oldham Tinkers song. It has only been a few weeks since Pete moved away but we are missing him already so Rich sings one of Pete's favourite canal songs and Ian has one of his own canal songs. Rik treated us to an experimental banjo version of a Bob Dylan song (we think the experiment worked!). Les reminded us of a Hunter Muskett song that many people used to sing at folk clubs. Tony has got something on his mind, Egriega thinks its Saturday and Alan has some flowers. Ken tells of a terrible coal mining disaster and Andy sings of another. With the sad news this week of the passing of Gordon Macdonald, Alan sang one of the songs from Gordons vast repertoire. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to hear Gordon singing it himself so we finish with his 2014 version of 'A Dalesman's Litany' (complete with saxophone intro!)


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 15/07/2022. Andy takes charge this week and although there may be some people on hols, we welcome the return of old friend Kevin who has some Welsh bells for us. From one stunning song to another where Ken has a Bob Kettle song. Jeff thinks once, Alan tells of Ted Edwards visit to the Queen, Dave has a poignant Woody Guthrie farewell and Andy wonders where the time went on another great night.