Sound Clips

Sound Clips

Recent sound clips from the club are further down this page but firstly one from Arthur Wakefield, the club's founding father.

This is one of his best known songs about Bollington, a village near Macclesfield which nestles between two hills.

One is The Nab and the other is the Saddle of Kerridge and it is on this latter hill that White Nancy stands (see photo below).

Arthur Wakefield with Dave Clark - Between The Nab And Nancy


We'll keep this at the top of the audio clips page but if you want to hear more of Arthur, then there's more (including a youtube clip) at the bottom of this page. Remember that Arthur Wakefield CDs are now available. See CDs

If we have put anyone's sound clip on this page and they wish it to be removed just let us know.

Weekly audio clips have to be played in a separate window


Here are the audio clips from the Guest Night on 13/03/2020 with Virginia Kettle, one of the songwriters of the group 'Merry Hell'. We start with Pete and his jolly disaster song, folllowed by Mike and his singing postman meets George Formby piece and Andy and Dave presented a piece by another great female singer songwriter Sandy Denny. The first of Virginia's songs set out her stall that she is not shrinking violet and her next song demonstrated that everyone need a little warmth in their lives. This is followed by a gem of a quirky song about an imagined past life and we close with her Merry Hell number showing that although we come with nothing and we go with nothing, after Virginia's show we all came away with a great deal of pleasure and admiration.


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 06/03/2020. A select group of singers ignored the prospect of contageous viruses to keep the club alive and it is possibly with the thought of finding vaccines and cures that Rich began with a Peter Bellamy tune of a Rudyard Kipling poem. Mike reminded us of an old Arthur Wakefield favourite, Claire had a Mike Waterson song about an unusual hero, Alan had my favourite type of Whaling song (where the whale gets away), Ian had a Buz Collins love song, Fred appropriately sings Ralph Mactell's 'First Song' for the first time and Andy and Dave try out a Beatles song. We welcome back Dave Hudson after a serious heart problem although a side effect seems to be that he has started to talk in a strange accent, followed by son John who celebrated his mum's win in the raffle of a bottle of wine with a bottle of wine and Pete then finished the eveing with a delayed Brexit parting song.


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 21/02/2020. Here we go with another highly enjoyable selection from Friday's Singer's Night starting with a duo who have been at the club a couple of times, this time with a John Prine Song. Steven follows on violin with a Scottish air and that is coupled with Rich and his Burns song. Egriega always has something different and this time it's the fiendishly difficult (to play and to tune) Portuguese guitar thus possibly drifting away from tango and more towards fado. Ian is on his boat looking at cloulds, Pete is on his boat looking at his horse and Jeff is on his boat looking at his stove. Les correctly takes the title of his song from the Woods family (I've got a copy of their LP) although everyone else calls it Bogey's Bonny Belle! Steve tells of the Great Silkie, Dave surprises everyone at the start with his Tom Waits song and we finish wih Gordon tightening his underpants with surprisingly excellent results.


Here are the audio clips from the Singer's Night on 14/02/2020 with Steve Turner. A good turnout for Steve saw Pete kick off with John Ball, Rich then had people dialling 0800 numbers regarding his young man (you had to be there to understand that) and Andy and Dave tried to make whaling sound jolly. Steve as ever never disappoints with his vast knowledge and repertoire. Alas no room for the Marriott Edgar monologue ' Th'Ole in the TH'Ark ' but he gave a number of offerings to celebrate Valentine's night and I have gone with his variation of 'Lavenders Blue' followed by a song by 19th Century American song writer Henry Clay Work ('My Grandfathers Clock 'among others) and I would draw people's attention to the concertina playing on this one. I've included an example of his fine mandolin playing and finish with a girl's song that he has to do because he couldn't find any female folk singers to do it. Come on ladies!

........and here we have some more of Arthur Wakefield. There are two more of his own songs about Cheshire followed by two songs that he often used to sing to finish the night, which seems appropriate for the end of the audio clips page.

Arthur Wakefield with Dave Clark - Green Hills Of Cheshire


Arthur Wakefield with Dave Clark - Cheshire Lullaby


Arthur Wakefield with Dave Clark - Sing For The Song

Sing For The Song.mp3

Arthur Wakefield with Dave Clark - For All Good People

For All Good Poeple.mp3

And as a sort of encore here's a youtube clip of Arthur at the club singing 'He Did His Best' at my request and making a fair job of remembering all the words.