Sound Clips

Sound Clips

This page contains sound clips from recent club nights. Arthur Wakefield sounds can now be found in the Arthur Wakefield page

If we have put anyone's sound clip on this page and they wish it to be removed just let us know. 

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Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 07/04/2024. Mike started by getting the audience choir warmed up with a Pual Simon song, so Uncle Pleb followed with another plus a jazz standard. Ken had something on his mind, Victoria blamed someone else, Ralph found a stranger and Phil told of a pirate. Egriega bared his soul before Andy and Dave finished the night with a classic folk club closing song. 


We had a quiet Singers Night on 17/03/2024 so no recordings but there were excellent spots by Pieter Egriega, Uncle Pleb, Ken and Andy and Dave but like we always say, you never know what you are going to get, and so we happened to be joined by a passing didgeridoo player! And very good he was too! Wish I started recording the evening now! 


Here are the audio clips from the Guest Night with Ian Bruce on 10/03/2024. What a pleasure to see a packed room again and why not with such a popular guest. But first we had an explosive start from the Southsiders with a song about packing dynamite in rocks. Andy and Dave followed musing about the fickle nature of time. That left the stage ready for the welcome return of Ian Bruce with his mate, Kev. We start with the Graham Miles song which he has to do because by just about everybody's opinion, noone does it better. This is followed by a song off his award winning 2023 CD 'Together Forever' which he sings with Mike Silver (I wont ennumerate the list of other collaborations on this CD as the list is quite long). Then we have the title track from his 'Above Wild Water' 2012 CD and we finish with a song from the 'The Land That We Love' 2022 CD which are all Will H Ogilvie poems put to music by Ian. (Go to Ians web site for more info about his music) Below are a few blurry photos of the night but you get the picture!


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 03/03/2024. MIke started by waking us up with a knocker up man albeit with a sore throat, from there we go to Uncle Pleb telling the sad story of the death of Tom Bowling and then their own song about a curious dancer. Ken told of an internal river and Tony of a quiet noise. Richard had a woman following her love and Pieter said not to be afraid. Steve gave us Nick Drakes end of day song and then Andy said goodbye in a light operatic fashion and on that note everyone left.


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 18/02/2024. Mike got us going again but was missed as the recorder had not been switched on. We therefore start with Les and Rik having fun on the Bayou, Ben for a change had a delicate instrumental, Dave had his golfing poem, Ralph brought back his clarinet from last time but also brought his son Edmund with an old Humblebums number. Phil had a couple of short poems marking dates in February, one for the Munich air crash and the other the discovery of penicilin. Richard blew us away, John sang his song about segregation and then Pieter told a tale of a tail of a fish. Andy and Dave finished the night ensuring everyone was dancing out the doors after another great night. 


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 04/02/2024. Mike gets us going with a tale of two horses and Victoria had a haunting version of an Alex Glasgow song. Carl was all at sea while Helen was remembering Warren Zevon. Tony sang of Kathy and surprise clarinettist Ralph was fighting a battle. Andy was unusually lost for words leaving Les to invite us to a waltz and John recalling a wind in the trees.


No recordings done this week. With the bad weather we didnt expect many to turn up. As it happened 12 brave souls did turn up and a  jolly time was had by all.


Firstly a couple of pieces of sad news to impart. Over the weekend we heard from Pete Wood that Michelle Holding had lost her battle with cancer. She was a fine banjo player and singer and played frequently at the club as guest and on singers nights with Bonz. Here is a recording from their visit in 2019.

Also we heard last week that Phil Hare had had a heart attack over Christmas and passed away. He guested at the club a number of times and was a highly respected guitar player. Here is one of my favourite youtube clips of him exploring the delights of DADGAD.

Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 07/01/2024. Off we go with the first club of the new year and Rik starts off almost bursting into tears followed by Les in his fancy car. Mike gets everyone awake, Phil has some seasonal words that include the recent storms, Tony is over in Ireland and Ken has a bunch of flowers. Dave is looking at Woody's pastures and Steve is watching the snow.  Rik and Les end the selection with a Pete Seeger song that could be a good new years resolution for everyone in the world.


Here are the audio clips from the Xmas themed Singers Night on 17/12/2023. Thanks to everyone who turned up to provide an evening of festive fun and jollity although we start with Rik singing about people with worries but once Les and Tim and Ann joined in playing and everyone else joined in singing, any worries anyone had must surely have been forgotten. Carl and Helen told of some inspirational banners followed by an ELPing of a famous Christmas song (see what I did there?) . Mike was pursuaded to give us a George Formby song, Victoria had some snow observations, Les had some time observations and Dave told a Robert Louis Stevenson poem. Steven had some tricky Scandinavian tunes on the concertina, Phil told of Winter and a father and son conversation. Uncle Pleb reminded us of their Bollington ode before morphing into Laurel and Hardy (musically that is - not physically). Tim and Ann told of Steve Earle calling for Woody Guthrie to return but then went back to the Christmas theme with holly berries. That left Andy and Dave to end with two Christmas songs and as the second one says - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. And lets add Have A Happy New Year to all.


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 03/12/2023. Alas a singers night and not the expected guest night with Cobalt Tales but travel condition in Sheffield made it unwise to travel. So we put the call out and had a group large enough for Mike to start a cavalry charge, Dave had Jake Thackrays take on the nativity from Marys perspective, Phil starts a bit bloody but ends with a serene Autumnal scene, James hopes he'll lose the blues, Dave is jolly on his wagon and Andy and Dave send us sailing home on our various boats (fun fact : one audience member did actually come by boat)


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 19/11/2023. With Mike away on George Formby duties, Andy and Dave start the show with an Arthur Wakefield song about Cheshire followed by by Dave Hudson whose Arthur song narrows the focus to Bollington itself. We welcomed three visitors from Congleton (regulars at the Queens Head on Monday nights if you are interested), the first, Dave had not just a similar Christian name but also a song with a similar sentiment but this time about Staffordshire's Biddulph. Making up the other Congletonians we had Glynn going from Clare to here and Brian looking at both sides. Jeff was off to New Orleans but Pete narrowed it down to a particular corner. Phil mused about an event 60 years ago, Tony sang of a boy called Danny and Rik was a bit lonesome. Les sang about a dancer but John was just lazy leaving Andy and Dave to close the night with some heavy but also spiritual uplifting.


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 05/11/2023. Some sparkling performances as you would expect on bonfire night so we strart with some fireworks from Phil. Mike took us to cowboy country, Pieter has some sage advice for his daughter followed by John who never hesitates to give us the blues. Tim also had some blues from Guy Clark and then we have a couple of Joni Mitchel songs, first from Ann about mistreatment by nuns and then from Helen who has trouble getting going. Carl lets off some steam with the demise of steam trains until we finish with a selection referring to the upcoming Remembrance Sunday. Phil recalls the western front, Pete asks about flowers, Dave warns about opening a box and Andy and Dave conclude with Jake Thackray's thoughts on the matter. 


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 15/10/2023. Pairs will be the theme of this section starting with a request for the Albert Berry song to be included and another Andy and Dave finishing the night. Mike borrowed a ukekele to give us a bit of George Formby and then we had a pair of Bob Dylan songs, firstly from Rik and secondly from Pete. Victoria sang of a maid and then we have a pair of Leonards, Irene and Steve making their occasional visit from the Isle of Man. Next are a pair of poems from Phil Poyser followed by a pair from the Plebs, Steve and James to be precise. So we finish with Julie on her ukelele and Andy and Dave getting everyone to sing on a Beatles song to finish a great night.


Here are the audio clips from the Guest Night on 01/10/2023 featuring Steve Turner. Mike starts by singing about himself while James sings about Polly but Andy and Dave prefer to head to a Scottish Lake. We welcome back the well travelled Steve Turner who starts off sailing on and carries on to Texas for a work song which was a favourite of Mary Asquith. He then shoots off to New Zealand lamenting too much drink before heading back to Yorkshire for some gentle exercise with the Bronte Sisters.


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 17/09/2023. We start with the welcome return of Arthur Marshall who has unearthed a new Conservative Party policy. Dave remebers a poem from childhood, Rik sings of a late night train, Mike has a sad waltz but Phil doesnt know what sort of song he is reciting. Ben, a first timer at the club (although a regular at Timperley) has given up the drink, Victoria's rose gets the choir warmed up for Pete and his large eskimo followed by Andy and Dave's hippo which on any normal night would finish the selection but this is not any other night as we still have Egiega confirming that we really did have a good time which on any normal night would finish the selection but this is not any other night as the audience are still in full voice, so we'll finish with another from Arthur.  


Here are the audio clips from the Singers Night on 03/09/2023. Mike starts off another great selection with a worry. The duo of Uncle Pleb take solo roles providing James with an unaccompanied vocal and Steve with an unaccompanied instrumental. Ian tells of a boat and not of a maid apparrently, Richard tells of people who like to lump, Pieter tells of someone who likes to say no and Rich tells of some magical ladies. We finish with three nods to Arthur starting with Pete and a favouite of Arthurs, Rik tries his hand at Arthurs style of banjo playing and Andy and Dave finish the night with a song favoured by Arthur for finishing any folk club night.