Rehearsals 2002 - 2010

Rehearsals 2002 - 2010 CD (£5)

Rehearsals 2002 - 2010

I started accompanying Arthur at his Folk Club in Bollington around 1999, initially just to join him at the end of the night to play and sing along with 'For All The Good People ' and 'Song For The Song'. I then asked if he wanted to record some of his songs and created the CD 'White Nancy and Beyond' in 2001. To be honest he had done perfectly well without me, playing at and runnng folk clubs for over 25 years but since I had learnt accompaniments for all of those songs we started to perform them together from then on. This CD contains songs recorded over the next 10 years or so in the same manner.

Arthur was diagnosed with Alzheimers around 2011 but kept the club going since his behaviour had always been eccentric to say the least. His wife, Myra, once told me 'Arthur has always been like that!'. He handed over the running of the club to Pete Wood in 2012. This CD is a record of some songs recorded during his last 10 years at the club where he was always in good voice and I hope, to those who remember him, it will bring back many happy memories.

All proceeds of this CD will go to the Alzheimers Society.

Dave Clark October 2017