Booking Policy

Booking Policy

We aim to present a Guest Night once per month – please consult our guest list first if you have specific dates in mind.

A typical Guest Night comprises do 2 x 45 minute spots, each preceded by a short “local” act, but if you want to do something different please contact to discuss.

Style – we’ll consider all kinds of “Folk” or “Traditional” music - our Guest List will indicate the sort of range of music we host.

Fees – to be agreed in advance. Usually either a fixed sum, or a minimum guaranteed sum / percentage of the door takings, whichever is higher – eg “£ x vs. 80%” – but we’ll consider other arrangements as appropriate.

Amplification – it’s a small room, so it's generally not needed – and we don’t have any. The only time it tends to be employed is to balance a number of instruments and voices – in which case, please supply your own.

If you are interested in a booking or have any general queries, contact Mike Rotheram (see Contact Us )