Club Formats

Club Formats

Guest Nights

7:30 pm start.

Admission usually around £7 (please pay on entry and operating the 'honesty CCTV machine')

Usual format is a short slot by club residents then a 45-ish minute slot for the guest. Then a break for socialising / raffle / drink top-ups / parish announcements, followed by a second half similar to the first.

Our “support” for Guest Nights is decided in advance, so please don’t just turn up to do a floor spot – however much we’d like to put you on, there just won’t be time !

If you are looking for a booking with us, please go to Booking Policy

Finish about 10.30

Singers Nights

7:30 pm start.

Admission on Singers night - £1 (please pay on entry - performers and non performers)

If you want to perform just speak to one of the 'crew' but please arrive at a reasonable time as we give priority to those who turn up to support fellow performers early on.

We aim to give all performers a fair share, dependent on numbers. Normally we invite 2 (perhaps 3) songs to be done as a set, if there’s time we may offer a second go. But if you just want to do one, that’s fine too.

We’ll decide an order of batting, to try to maintain a variety of material, and we’ll have a break about halfway through for socialising / raffle / drink refills etc

Is it just for singers ? – NO! Instrumentalists who want to do a spot also welcome -we’ve had flutes, whistles, saxophones, melodeons, concertinas, mandolins, fiddles, Northumbrian pipes, bodhrans, piano accordions, Uillean pipes etc etc – but not all at once, obviously ( yet ! ). (We recently had a performer who announced he was going to play a pool cue - and he did!) From the above you can gather that we are not a ‘session’ pub . But if you would like to accompany another performer, a discreet query before hand may well throw up some interesting combinations.

And many just come to listen – welcome to all of you !

Never performed in a club before ? Don’t let that put you off , we pride ourselves in being welcoming to newcomers, many of us have had our first public performances here, so we know what it’s like ! Have a listen to our Sound Clips page which should confirm the 'anything goes' policy. (If you do not want your performance to be posted on the web site then let us know - we understand that not everyone wishes their performance to be made available on the internet)

The occasional poems and monologues are also very welcome, although the overall emphasis tends to be on the music.

We don’t provide any amplification, but it’s only a small room and we’re good listeners !

Finish about 10.30

Club “Rules”

(Not so much rules as etiquette, really)

Please wait for a gap between songs to enter / leave the room, to avoid putting performers off their stride.

Please respect the performers by remaining quiet while they’re on (you’d want them to do the same for you) unless it is a chorus song in which case, join in. On the other hand, heckling between songs is encouraged.

If you want to sing / play at a Singers Night, please come “early doors” and support other performers. If you’ve only come to hear yourself, you’re in the wrong place !

So come along, sing along, have a good time!!

(Could put this to music if we had more rhymes!!!)

(So try it again this time singing the lines!!!!)

(It's easier after 2 beers and 3 wines!!!!!)