Dave Clark's 'programme'

Dave Clark's 'programme'

I thought I would have a pleasant few days thinking of a list and in the end it took about half an hour!

My criteria was to include either a folk song or artist that left a great impression me

They are roughly chronological

I wont bother with my teenage fixation on Dylan or Paul Simon or we’ll never get started

I start with the first time I realised that Pete Seeger was more than ‘Little Boxes’ and could do ferocious singing and banjo playing

Once I started to go to proper folk clubs in the early 70’s I found myself devouring Watersons but preferring Young Tradition

Then discovered what happens when you put 4 folk giants together

Always saw Dubliners as a pop folk band but then you listen to Luke Kelly on full throttle

Discovered this when looking for ideas on accompanying Andy on this

Richard Thompson is a legend for his guitar playing alone but his songs are always full of emotion

Never more so than writing this during his marriage break up

I wanted Andy to sing this song like this. He said ‘No’

I wanted Andy to sing this song like this. He said ‘Yes’ so we did - sort of ..

A couple of ‘encore ‘ songs

And always end with a smile