Fran's 'programme'

Fran Earley's 'programme'

Over to Fran...

Anyway, here are a few of the tracks that cheer me up, whatever the crisis. There are loads of others of course, but Covid 19 would be but a distant memory by the time I’d listed just 10% of them....,

Granny’s Attic - Wheels of the World

I love this band and have seen them several times. They never fail to make me smile. And of course, on concertina and vocals is the amazing Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne. I’ve seen him performing solo and he’s fantastic! Hopefully I’ll get to see him at Bollington Folk Club when some sort of order has been restored. [Cohen is our December guest - Pete]


Young ‘uns - Sing John Ball

This video was actually posted by me a few years ago, when they were on at the Midway Folk Club in Stockport. The video quality isn’t brilliant, but I love the singing performance. The ‘chorus line’ includes Lucy Wright (who used to be in Pilgrims Way), two of the Bailey Sisters, and I think the blonde girl is Kirsty Bromley


Earlsdon Morris at Whitby Folk Festival

I absolutely love Morris dancing, and I’ve spent many, many happy hours watching the dance displays at Whitby Folk Festival. Earlsdon are one of my favourite North West Clog sides of all time. They are always very entertaining and amusing. This clip is from the regular fancy dress ceilidh at Whitby Folk Festival. I was there on that night and this video takes me away from our current dreary reality, to wonderful Whitby and a very jolly evening.


Steeleye Span - Hard Times of Old England

It was a combination of Johnny Silvo and Steeleye Span, that turned me into a lifelong folky. I first saw Steeleye in concert in Liverpool when I was 16. I’d heard them on John Peel and really liked the sound, but wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a great night and I’ll never forget it! They were brilliant! This is a song about hard times, but they make them sound lots of fun!


Frumptarn Guggenband

I’ve been to every Shepley Spring Festival since it started. Frumptarn Guggenband have performed there most years, and it’s impossible to watch them without smiling. Shepley festival is held in May, so of course it’s been cancelled this year. Can’t wait for next May to arrive!


Jackie Oates - Hyperboreans

I think Jackie Oates is a sublime singer and performer. Before I got rid of my car last year, whenever I was driving one or other of her cd’s was always playing on a loop on my entertainment system(except when I played Melrose Quartet...) She has a very understated style, but has a way of drawing you completely into the song. When a sad song started to play, I often had to skip the track as I found it’s quite dangerous to drive when you’re crying!


Webmasters note: Fran mentions Melrose Quartet so how about finishing with this little Christmas ditty?