Welcome to the Bollington Folk Club web site
(now accessible via www.bollyfolk.com

    Next Friday will be a Singers Night 

    Next Guest Night will be with Andy Leb and Dave Clark on 12th April. For more about them go to andylebanddaveclark

Guests lined up this year  :-
Look out for Dick Miles, Colum Sands and Bruce Watson
For full list of guests to come to come next year - see Guest List.
For full list and pricing see Guest List. (no advance tickets unless stated).
All other Fridays are Singers Nights (Currently with the ridiculously generous entrance fee of £1)

Start time is 8.30pm for guest nights and singers nights.

Whats new on the web site :-

16/03/2019 -  Audio clips added to Sound Clips from the Guest Night on 15/03/2019 with Anahata and Mary Humphreys
12/06/2018 - Gallery has now been reorganised into three albums, guests, support spots and performers (old and new)
10/06/2018 - youtube clip of Arthur Wakefield at the club put at the bottom of Sound Clips

06/06/2018 - All audio clips now played using browsers own mp3 players. Flash plugins not used and can be removed.
21/11/2017 - New Arthur Wakefield CDs available - see CDs


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