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    Next Friday will be a Special Guest Night which will take place at the Bollington Arts Centre as part of the Bollington Festival with Nick Wyke and Beki Driscoll on Friday 24th May. For more about them go to www.englishfiddle.com

So just to be clear, NO club at the Dog and Partridge this Friday!

Guests lined up this year  :-
Look out for Colum Sands and Bruce Watson
For full list of guests to come to come next year - see Guest List.
For full list and pricing see Guest List. (no advance tickets unless stated).
All other Fridays are Singers Nights (Currently with the ridiculously generous entrance fee of £1)

Start time is 8.30pm for guest nights and singers nights.

Whats new on the web site :-

18/05/2019 -  Audio clips added to Sound Clips from the Singers Night on 17/05/2019
12/06/2018 - Gallery has now been reorganised into three albums, guests, support spots and performers (old and new)
10/06/2018 - youtube clip of Arthur Wakefield at the club put at the bottom of Sound Clips

06/06/2018 - All audio clips now played using browsers own mp3 players. Flash plugins not used and can be removed.
21/11/2017 - New Arthur Wakefield CDs available - see CDs


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