Pieces for Piano beginners, students and children

Here you find a selection of my neoclassical piano pieces for children and beginners.

My aim was to create original works, that are relatively easy to play but nevertheless interesting and challenging modern classical music in "pure piano Beneking-Style".

Please feel free to copy and share these booklets!

All pianists, teachers and piano schools can use them without any cost!

Also I am welcoming all recordings -especially from children and beginners- and would offer to upload them onto my SoundCloud page and/or YouTube channel

List of piano series for beginners, students and children in chronological order:

24 Nocturnes for young pianists (2015) - 24 Nocturnes for young Pianists in all major and minor tonalities

Zita in Wonderland (2013) - 24 pure neoclassical piano compositions for children and beginners

Zwillingsmädchenlieder (2013) - 5 elegiac piano miniatures in combination with lyrical poems

24 Petits Rêves bizarres (2011) - strange little dreams, most of them relatively easy to play, classical and romantic style

24 Petits Rêves (1997) - short little piano dreams, most of them relatively easy to play, ranging from B flat minor to A major

Most of my other piano series are in intermediate difficulty, so they are also playable for beginners or advanced beginners.

Here you find all my compositional series in chronological order

Printed Booklets available on Amazon for:

all above mentioned series except Zwillingsmädchenlieder

Pianist Recordings available on Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music and many other platforms for:

all above mentioned series except Zwillingsmädchenlieder

Free Download of Piano Score Booklets

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Zita Booklet PDF
Zwillingsmädchenlieder PDF Piano Score Booklet