24 Valses mélancoliques for one hand alone

After the success of my series of "18 Preludes for one hand alone", I started composing a series of "24 Valses melancoliques for one hand alone" (12 for the right hand and 12 for the left hand, in each minor tonality).

These one-hand-pieces were developed as a compositional and pianistical challenge, but especially I had persons in mind, that only have one arm or one hand, due to a disability or an accident, and who still would like to play interesting neoclassical piano music. I am welcoming all pianists, especially those with a disability, to send me their recordings!

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Free Booklet with all piano scores / sheet music:

(Please "click" on the picture below to open the PDF booklet)


Printed Booklet available on Amazon.

Here you can listen on Spotify to all 24 Valses, brilliantly performed by pianist Carlos Márquez, USA.

(Also available on iTunes / AppleMusic, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal etc.)


Piano for One Hand Alone - 24 Valses melancoliques on Spotify