La grande Petitesse - a pianistical challenge

"La grande Petitesse et ses filles" (playtime about 8-12 minutes) consists of 8 miniatures in F sharp minor (the "daughter" pieces, called "Petitesses"), that could also be played separately. Parts of "La grande Petitesse" are very challenging, so I would expect that even an advanced pianist may need some time to practice it. As with all my scores, there are no markings. So you have all pianistical freedom to create your own, individual interpretation.

"Do-it-yourself-piano-complexity": You can combine these 8 separate parts in any way you want or you can only select certain parts or repeat parts, so you can "do-it-yourself" create a complex piano piece of your own.

Would be great if pianists give this idea a try and send me their recordings (or upload to SoundCloud or Youtube) indicating which parts have been performed (e.g. Petitese 1-3-5-3-7).

The direct link to the "Petitesse" Piano Score Booklet is here:

(Please "click" on the picture below to open the PDF booklet)

A Printed version is available on Amazon.

Hope you enjoy playing the "Petitesse" - and good luck!

These pianists have already performed the piece:

1st recording on 21st of January 2014 by pianist Carlos Márquez, USA

Album with this recording on iTunes und auf Spotify