Recording Pianists

Pianists are welcome to perform my classical piano compositions!

Please feel free to share the score booklets with all pianists you know!

For a "Living Composer" the ultimate goal is to see his works performed by pianists during his life time.

Therefore I am very grateful that so many of my neoclassical piano compositions have been enthusiastically performed by great pianists from all over the world:

Nandita Basu - India

Colleen Branson - Canada

Pamela Chng - Australia

Paul de Clerck - Belgium

Johan de Cock - United Kingdom

Dominic Cohen

Albert Combrink - South Africa

Ellen Cunningham Weaver - USA

Jolana Duricovà - Belgium

Marta Duval - Brasil

Andrew Eales - United Kingdom

Lale Efendiev - Turkey

Elizabeth Erin - Germany

Hal Freedman - USA

Valerio Garofoli - Italy

Alex Gu - USA

Michael Hauber - Germany

Lee Hershe - Malaysia

Brad Hill - USA

Theodore Howe - Canada

Ray Lemond - Australia

Craig Lynch - USA

Carlos Márquez - USA

Héctor Mayoral-Modestti - Puerto Rico

Dmytro Maslenko - Russia

Caroline McKinney - Scotland - United Kingdom

Lavoria Nazareno - Italy

Samuel Osmond - United Kingdom

Jared Rixstine - USA

Silas Rosenskjold - Denmark

Lyudmila Rudneva - Ukraine

Inga Rudnichenko - Ukraine

Ann-Helena Schlüter - Sweden/Germany

Zarren Shukur - Azerbaijan

Anna Sutyagina- Germany

Haruko Uehara - Japan

Jakob Uhlig - Germany

Danaë Xanthe Vlasse - USA

Ksenija Vojisavljevic - Australia

Peter Vorländer - Germany

Romeo Wecks - Germany

Milana Zilnik - Canada

If you are interested to play and record some of my pieces please let me know.

I can offer to publish your recordings on my SoundCloud profile and/or for a joint Album release.


Have a look at the "Portefeuille pour pianists" with a selection of my various classical piano series: