Dance on icy waters

"Dance on icy waters" is a classical piano Trilogy composed in 2012.

Part 1 describes a couple dancing on a freshly frozen lake.

In 2015 this piece won the 4th prize in the International Free Scores Piano Composition Competition.

In part 2 the thin ice is cracking, but the couple still continues dancing on the icy water.

In the final part "Don´t dance on icy Waters" the ice breaks, and the couple slowly drowns in the lake. basically the Trilogy is a symbol for the fragility of life...

Free Booklet with all Scores

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Enjoy this fantastic recording of all 3 pieces by pianist Carlos Márquez, USA.

It is available on Spotify, iTunes / AppleMusic and many other platforms.

Album on iTunes, performed by pianist Brad Hill, USA:

Physical CD available containing the Trilogy "Dance on icy Waters" I to III