Piano Teachers

These Piano Teachers and Piano Schools use my free classical piano pieces for teaching their students.

I hope both students and teachers enjoy performing my music - composed by a "Living Composer"!

You can choose from my 400+ original classical piano compositions

List of all my Piano Series in chronological order

Or have a look at my > 100 pieces for Piano beginners, students and children

Branded PDF Booklets with the Logo and contact information of your Piano School available - free of charge.

If you prefer Printed Booklets for your students, they are available on all Amazon shops worldwide.


Music4All - Lynda Kay Irvine - Australia

Purrfect Practice - Jackie Sharp - Australia

Ksenija Vojisavljevic - Australia

Piano Lessons with Rebecca - Rebecca Ly - Australia

Jo´s Music - Jocelyn Kotchie - Australia


PianoClass - Fernanda and Julio Machado - Skype Classes

Colleen Branson - Canada

Rebekah Carter's Piano Studio - Ontario


ecole de musique - Luzia Storf - Seebach


Elizabeth Erin - Berlin

spiral school of music - Berlin


The Musik Makers - Linda Koh

New Zealand

Help with Music - Sue Senanayake - New Zealand

United Kingdom

Brighton Music Lessons - Johan de Cock - United Kingdom

Keyquest Music - Andrew Eales - United Kingdom

Piano Valley - Adriana Bennett - United Kingdom

Cardiff Piano & Music Theory Teacher - Lynne Phillips - United Kingdom

Jenny Walker - United Kingdom

Sofie Kay Piano Tuition - United Kingdom


Lyudmila Rudneva - Ukraine


Hal Freedman - USA

Piano Lessons with Craig - Craig Lynch - USA

Music Vision Studios - Danaë Xanthe Vlasse - USA

RI Kids Create Music School - Gail Cavanaugh - USA

Flamingo Music - Challena Zellick - USA

Silver Piano Studio - Loraine Ho - USA

Doremiforme Piano Studio - Kay Lang - USA

Naples Piano Studio - Julie McFarland - USA

Foxx Piano Studio - Jennifer Foxx - USA

The Pelham School of Arts & Sciences - Kay and Jack Pelham - USA

Katherine Gales Performance Studio - Iowa - USA

Anne Westerlund Brown - Missouri - USA

Muse Piano Academy - Raphaelita Justice - Hawaii - USA

Piano Studio of Lola McIntyre - Michigan - USA

Dr. Gail Fischler - Arizona - USA

Ellen Schwindt - New Hampshire - USA

Nelly Berman School of Music - Philadelphia - USA

Strata Piano - Lynn Zwinck - Michigan - USA

If you are interested to teach some of my pieces to your students please let me know, so I can include you in this list.

I can also offer to publish your students recordings on my SoundCloud profile and/or on my YouTube Channel.

Branded Booklets with the Logo and contact information of your Piano School available - free of charge.

Contact: stephanbeneking@netscape.net