Holocaust Remembrance Suite

Der Todesreigen - Holocaust Remembrance Suite

This Suite for solo piano is an unique remembrance project, which has grown out of a collaboration with pianist Hal Freedman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Hal Freedman has been a solo recitalist at colleges, universities and various venues including the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. He is also a well-known piano teacher and respected recording artist. halfreedmanpianist.com/

The innocence and beauty of pure piano classical music poses a stark contrast to the horrors of the Third Reich and the Holocaust.

Each piece in the Holocaust Remembrance Suite contains a vital message about the war crimes and atrocities of the past. Unfortunately, the message is applicable to conditons that persist in our world today. It is our sincere hope to raise social awareness of these problems through this important project.

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The Suite is accompanied by dramatic videos showing images, which further tell the story behind each individual piece:



The whole Playlist with all Videos you find here:


All proceeds will be donated to charities.

Booklet with descriptions about the historical background and scores

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