Reserve results 1946-71

Below are details of Reserve team results for these seasons. Please scroll down below the list to read the explanation first.

Above are links to the Eaglets' results for the 1946/7 to 1970/1 seasons, covering their time in the London, United Counties and Metropolitan Leagues,

Home games show the opponents in non-italic type eg ARSENAL "A"; away games in italic eg ARSENAL "A". In some seasons the "A" teams of Football League clubs played both their matches against the Eaglets at the Eyrie. This is noted alongside the score. Later they tended to play their home fixtures on their training grounds-where this is known, the fact is also noted (London Colney for Arsenal, The Welsh Harp Ground, Hendon, for Chelsea, Cheshunt for Spurs, and Chadwell Heath for West Ham).

Other brief points of interest such as attendances are also noted.

The results are on Excel spreadsheets but you may find that clicking on Google Sheets after using the link above gives the best result.