Reserve results 1946-71

[UPDATED DECEMBER 2018] Below are details of Reserve team results for these seasons, now expanded to include many lineups and other information.

Also included (below the results) is a list of players who appeared in the Reserves but never in the first team.

Please scroll down below the list to read the explanation first.

Reserves who never played in 1st team.xlsx

Above are links to the Eaglets' results, and lineups where known, for the 1946/7 to 1970/1 seasons, covering their time in the London, United Counties and Metropolitan Leagues, together with a list of those who appeared only in the reserves (not the first team) in those seasons

The results are on Excel spreadsheets but you may find that clicking on Google Sheets after using the link above gives the best result.

Venues-Home games show the opponents in non-italic type eg ARSENAL "A"; away games in italic eg ARSENAL "A".

In some seasons the "A" teams of Football League clubs played both their matches against the Eaglets at the Eyrie. This is noted alongside the score in red. Later they tended to play their home fixtures on their training grounds-where this is known, the fact is also noted (London Colney for Arsenal, Woolwich Stadium or The Welsh Harp Ground, Hendon, for Chelsea, Cheshunt for Spurs, and Chadwell Heath for West Ham). The only known instances of the Eaglets playing an "A" team on their main ground are the two ML Cup finals against West Ham "A" at Upton Park in 1966/7 and 1970/1, and a few midweek matches against Luton "A" at Kenilworth Road. Again these are noted in red against the score,

Layouts-The team layouts follow the same pattern as elsewhere on the site. The Eaglets' team is set out in bold and opponents, where known, in unbold, Below the teams are the scorers in italics, Eaglets scorers first, then a semi colon (;) and then opponents' scorers, followed by the referee where known. Question marks (??) indicate all or some of the scorers are unknown.

From 1966/7, a substitute known to have been used is shown at no 12, and the player he replaced is asterisked. Unused subs are not shown.

Where the actual lineup is not known, lineups marked

SCHED[BTFC] means a Bedford lineup as scheduled in the local press

SCHED[OPP] means an opposition lineup as scheduled in the local press

SCHED[BOTH] means both lineups as scheduled in the local press

Similarly, lineups marked PROG[BTFC], PROG[OPP] or PROG[BOTH] are those shown in programmes, either Bedford's, opposition,or both.

Other brief points of interest are given below the scorers in red.

Players' details-Many of the players who appeared for the Eaglets also, of course, played for the first team at various times, and details of their careers can be found in the Players' Lists, 1945-50, Players Lists for the Best Years 1950-67, or Player List, 1967-82 as appropriate, and they are all indexed in the All Years Player Index. However, I've also attempted to list players who never appeared in the first team-see the "Reserves who never played in the first team" spreadsheet at the end of the list above and the notes at the beginning of the list. Inevitably there are many players here about whom little or nothing is known-but please let me know ( if you can add anything. (Click on the icon at the top right hand corner to expand the list).

Acknowledgements-As with the "Results and Teams" pages for first team matches, the amount of information available varies greatly. For the first few postwar seasons opponents' lineups were only rarely given in the local press. In the 50s and early 60s both teams were often given, but from then on the amount of information becomes very sparse with often neither lineup given in reports. Also, throughout the years, end-of-season midweek matches tend to be reported only very briefly.

I'm therefore very grateful to those who have helped me with lineups and scorers where the local press reports were lacking. Once again Martin Goatley has supplied a great deal of information about lineups, scorers and attendances. Others who have helped are Mike Crisp, Andy Kelly and Mark Andrews (on Arsenal "A" details), Pete Gorringe and Jerry Dowlen (Cray Wanderers), Dan Couldridge (Tonbridge), Ken Holmes (Windsor and Eton), and "Tommy" (Newbury Town). I'm also grateful to the compilers of the "West Ham United Football Programmes-a pictorial history" website ( which gives West Ham "A" lineups for many of their matches. Occasionally there are discrepancies between lineups and scorers as stated in the Bedford local press, and those given by these other sources. I've adopted my usual policy of going with the "home" version, ie the Bedford press if a Bedford player is concerned, and the opposition source for one of their players, but with a note of the discrepancy in each case.