Various topics, 1908-39

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Finance, Wages, Attendances and similar stuff

-money rears its ugly head as usual

Ground history-Bedford Town Grounds 1908-39

-London Road, the County School and the Eyrie

In his own words

-the thoughts of Bob Baker (secretary) and Charlie Chester (trainer) about the club between the wars

Key Characters off the field

-those who kept the show on the road-Mark BARBER, Charlie CHESTER, John T HOBKIRK, Ted HUMPHREYS, Dick SPENCER, Bob BAKER

Odds and Ends

-Club nicknames,

- colours

- press reporting

- the remarkable King brothers

-Occasional characters

Travelling Tales

-footballing journeys, smooth and otherwise, with the Eagles

Troubles on the field

-caused by referees, players, spectators and the weather

Twenty Key Players

-read more details about some of the main playing names of the period-Ralph CHAPMAN, Harry BROWN, Fred C SMITH, Harry MARDLE, Bob ABBOTT, Charlie SPARROW, Herbert TOSELAND, Herbert JEPHSON, Lew STOCKWELL, Jack CHESTER, Norman WATSON, Dickie GUNNELL, Bert ROGERS, Jack WICKS, Freddie GARRATT, Tommy CUMMINGS, Len POTTER, Percy BOWLES, Maurice CARR, George WATSON