Earliest Days-before 1908

How many Eagles supporters have heard of M D Nicholson, who won a FA Cup winner’s medal within a year of leaving the Club? Or Arthur Taylor, later one of the first professionals in the south of England? Or knew that a 1-6 defeat at Toddington probably put the Club out of business?

These are all players or episodes in the history of the two clubs that bore the name of Bedford Town Football Club before the one founded in 1908.

Or maybe we should say “at least two”, since there is much that is still uncertain about this period.

To read an outline of these very early days please click on the link to "Earliest years pre-1908" below.

Also covering this period are two Excel spreadsheets giving all the match results and team details that I have been able to find for these years. To read these please click on the links to "Results and teams1884 to 1891" and "Results and teams 1891 to 1899" below. You might need to click on "Open with Google Sheets" within each spreadsheet to see the full detail.

Finally a Word file accessible via the link to "Results and teams 1884 to 1891 notes" gives some background to these results.