The Best Years (1950-67)

The most detailed section of this site focuses on the seasons from 1950/1 to 1966/7, which featured most of the club’s memorable achievements and the highest level of spectator support it ever received. For each of these seasons there is a selection of photographs, a full set of results and team line-ups, and a narrative summary.

There are four parts to this section-

  • Commentary season by season, 1950-67, which gives a summary of the highs and lows of each season, with the Southern League table at the end
  • Players Lists for the Best Years 1950-67, which is intended to be a comprehensive list of those who played competitive football for the first team in those seasons, with details of their BTFC appearance and goals statistics and of their careers elsewhere, as far as known. It's arranged in alphabetical sections by players' surnames.
  • Results and teams, 1950-67, which presents (almost) complete team lineups and scores with other vital statistics for each competitive match.
  • Season by Season in photos, 1950-67, which is a collection of team and action photographs from each season.

For each season, you can

    • See photographic highlights of the season, with commentary-click on the relevant "In photos” link in the menu at the top left. You may have to wait for a few seconds for the images to appear. Also, please remember that the quality of newspaper photographs, especially if taken under floodlights, was not always very high and that a scan of such a photo can’t be better than the original! The local press reports included far fewer photographs in the early 50s than in later years and this is reflected in the numbers of images reproduced here.
    • Follow the club through every competitive match, showing the line-ups for both sides, result, scorers and (where known) attendance and referee. Click on the "Results and teams" link for the season in question in the top left menu. (See the Notes below the links on the way these have been assembled).
    • Read a summary of the highs and lows of the season followed by the final Southern League tables and notes of any changes in membership of the league -click on the relevant “Summary” link in the top left menu.