Welcome to this site which commemorates, in narrative, statistics and photographs, the history of the original Bedford Town Association Football Club, The (Old) Eagles, formed in 1908 and dissolved in 1982.

The site was launched in 2010 and in December 2012 it was expanded to cover the whole of the club's years in the Southern League from 1945 to 1982. You can read about historic FA Cup performances such as the two matches against Arsenal in 1955/6 and the defeat of Newcastle in 1963/4, as well as the Southern League title in 1958/9, later FA Cup battles against Exeter, Brighton and Everton and the sadder story of the old club's decline.

There is also an in-depth account of the foundation of the club and its early years from 1908 to 1939, including all traceable results and lineups for the two earlier Bedford Town clubs that existed in the late 19th century, from about 1884 to 1899. See First Years, 1884-1939. This now (April 2020) includes a new study of one of the original club's greatest players-see The remarkable Mr Nicholson.

Further updates in February and December 2018 include many league tables for the club's reserve teams from the 1920s to 1971, and reserve results and lineups for the postwar years, as well as coverage of the "A" and Youth teams-see Reserve and "A" Team Matters.

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About the site

Many people have helped in various ways to put this site together and detailed acknowledgements appear on the About the site page , but my main debt of gratitude is to the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen Group for permission to reproduce many photographs which originally appeared in the Bedfordshire Times and Bedford Record newspapers. Unless otherwise credited, all photographs on this site, and on its annex ( are the copyright of the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen Group and are reproduced by their kind permission.

Please note that this is not an official site of the present Bedford Town FC (formed in 1989), but to see their website go to News - Bedford Town Football Club ( .

Key to photographs above (top to bottom) Team group, 1952/3; the equalising goal v Arsenal at Highbury, 1955/6; team group, 1957/8 ; Bob Craig and the League Championship shield, 1958/9: the 1958/9 championship-winning team; the second goal v Newcastle, 1963/4; and the last FA Cup tie of all, v Wimbledon, 1981/2.

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