Season by Season in photos, 1950-67

Click on the links below to see photographic highlights of each season from 1950/1 to 1966/7.

You may have to wait for a few seconds for the images to appear.

Also, please remember that the quality of newspaper photographs, especially if taken under floodlights, was not always very high and that a scan of such a photo can’t be better than the original! The local press reports included far fewer photographs in the early 50s than in later years and this is reflected in the numbers of images reproduced here.

To read a commentary on the highlights of each of these seasons, go to Commentary season by season, 1950-67 and click on the relevant seasonal link.

To see the team lineups and results, go to Results and teams, 1950-67 and click on the relevant seasonal link.

1950/1 in photos

1951/2 in photos

1952/3 in photos

1953/4 in photos

1954/5 in photos

1955/6 in photos

1956/7 in photos

1957/8 in photos

1958/9 in photos

1959/60 in photos

1960/1 in photos

1961/2 in photos

1962/3 in photos

1963/4 in photos

1964/5 in photos

1965/6 in photos

1966/7 in photos

Some additional photos for 1966/7 and earlier years can be seen on the annex site at