Later History, 1967-82


This section offers a season-by-season commentary on the seasons from 1967/8 to 1981/2, with photographs and an Epilogue (you might find that section a bit depressing on a wet winter's afternoon).

It's divided into sections as below-just click on the relevant link.

Some photos are embedded in the text, but there are others on the annex site at which can be accessed by clicking on the link that appears at the end of the relevant section.

At the end of each season there is a link which gives access to full Southern League tables and details of comings and goings of clubs in the League. These links take you to the excellent "English Non League Archive" site compiled by Russell Gerrard ( whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged. From the League table pages the back button on your browser should bring you back to the relevant page of this site.

1967/8 to 1969/70-Up, down and back up again

1970/1 to 1972/3-Premier Division Respectability

1973/4 to 1977/8-Upward path with Walker, into the fire with Fry

1978/9 to 1981/2-The Goulden Age –from beginning to absolute end