Seasons on the Field, 1908-39

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Click on the links above to read a survey of the full period from the (re)formation of the Club in 1908, down to May 1940 when the Club was put into suspense for the duration of the war.

Each period is covered in a Word file as listed below:

    • (Re)formation 1908-how the club was started (or restarted)-see "Early history 08 formation"
    • Seasons on the Field, 1908-14-see "Early history 08 to 14"
    • The Great War Years-see "Early history 14 to 18"
    • Seasons on the Field, 1919-30-"Early history 1920s"
    • Seasons on the Field, 1930-36-the most succesful years before 1939-see"Early history 1930-36"
    • Seasons on the Field, 1936-40-the last years before the Second World War="Early history 1936-40"