13 June 2018

 XRF Meeting page - 13 June 2018

Joint Meeting:

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This joint XRF meeting is on Wednesday 13th June 2018 at Sheffield Hallam University.

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For registrations queries please contact: Louise Smith, Tel +44 (0)1423 529333 Email:

This meeting offers a great opportunity for both novice and experienced users to enhance their XRF knowledge and discuss their requirements with major XRF suppliers in the exhibition. The morning has parallel sessions for Beginners and Experienced Users and offers an ideal opportunity for anyone considering adding XRF to their analytical techniques. Attendees of these sessions will be given a certificate of attendance for their Continuing Professional Development. See a demo certificate here...

Programme. Abstracts page....

Pens Sponsored by Spectro UK Ltd. Pads Sponsored by Datech Scientific Ltd. Calendar Sponsored by SciMed.

Time 09:30 Registration, Exhibition and Coffee.  Sponsored by Malvern Panalytical Ltd.
1000-1005 Plenary Introduction: Welcome, Safety, etc.


Session 1: Introduction to XRF for Beginners. Chair: David Beveridge. Session 2: XRF Updates for Experienced Users. Chair: Heather Harrison.
1010-1035 Nick Marsh - Theoretical Introduction to XRF. Rainer Schramm: The Secret of Getting Multiple XRFs to Provide Equivalent Quantification.
1035-1100 John Martin - Different approaches to XRF: Handheld, ED-XRF, WD-XRF use In oil exploration Garry Smith - Matrix Influence Correction Methods XRF Calibration.
1100-1120 Coffee-break Sponsored by XRF Scientific.
1120-1145 Rainer Schramm - Introduction to XRF Sample Preparation: its importance and an overview of the various options. Mike Dobby - Advanced Methods of Sample Preparation for Difficult Samples
1145-1210 Kevin Talmage - Overview of Typical Applications for XRF. Greg Bale - Latest Developments in ED-XRF Detector Technology.
1210-1250 Sponsor Slot: each supplier to suggest something about their XRF that makes it a useful tool in the analytical lab. Organised and chaired by Nick Marsh, assisted by Tom Knott.
1250-1350 Lunch Sponsored by Malvern Panalytical Ltd.
13:50 Plenary Session:  The Place of XRF in the Analytical Laboratory. Chair: Judith Bain or Iain Howland.
1350-1415 Tom Knott - The use of XRF in the Geological Laboratory.
1415-1440 Jim Barker - The Place of XRF in the Petroleum Industry Laboratory.
1440-1505 David Beveridge - The use of XRF for Analysis of Coatings and of (mostly) Organic Chemicals.
1505-1535 Tea-break. Sponsored by Specac Limited.
1535 Plenary Session Continued:  The Place of XRF in the Analytical Laboratory. Chair: Tony Bell.
1535-1600 Chris Vanhoof - Micro-X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (µ-XRF) - Seeing more by looking at less - some dedicated applications.
1600-1625 Karen Vernon-Parry - Handheld XRF for Analysis of Counterfeit Coins.
16:25 Brief Roundup, Farewell and Finish.

See the report of our last meeting here....

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