This site originally hosted links to all UK based Barrett's support groups. However, the Covid pandemic meant physical meetings in Southampton, Lymington, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Bognor, Bath, Chelmsford, Harlow, Cardiff, Plymouth, and others in initial planning stages, supported by Barrett's Wessex and Barrett's Oesophagus UK charities, were not possible and the groups sadly folded and all support went online.

 Groups based in London, Cambridge and Basinstoke supported by Heartburn Cancer UK, are continuing for now.

If you manage a Barrett's specific support group and are not mentioned here, please let us know so we can include your contact details. Email support@Barrett.org.uk

New Sections:

1. Patients' Experiences of any procedures acid refluxers may be required to undergo, may be read here.

2. Research Archive of relevant research links since 2012 may be found here.

Contact Details

07771 567009 is normally available 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm but please be prepared to leave a message, or send a text. Although you're welcome to phone at any time, you may also wish to book a 30 minute support call.
(N.B. The phoneline is not manned by a medically trained doctor but a patient expert.)

Support is available by email to support@Barretts.org.uk. This replaces the helplines previously offered by Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign and Barrett's Wessex.

The online Forum has been subsumed into Facebook Group BarrettsEsophagusAwareness

Support specifically for those with Barrett's Oesophagus and acid reflux hoping to reduce deaths to oesophageal cancer through early diagnosis:

Because Prevention is better than cure.


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