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Angela Togeiro was born in the city of Volta Redonda, in the state of the Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, but has lived in the state of Minas Gerais since her youth. She lived in the cities of Rio Preto, Congonhas do Campo, Barroso and Conselheiro Lafaiete, living today in Belo Horizonte. Angela Togeiro is a writer and a craftswoman, and has a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the FACE-FUMEC College - Belo Horizonte /MG, and has post-graduate degrees in Economical Policy and Business Finance and Human Resources Management, all from FACE/FUMEC College - Belo Horizonte /MG.

She has received awards in many literary contests for prose and verse, whether they were national –in almost all the states of the Brazilian territory – or international competitions – including Portugal, Spain, England, Italy, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

She has published works in journals and in national and international anthologies in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French, whether as guest or as main writer in anthologies awarded by literary contests, having been published in Brazil, Uruguay, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, EUUU, Spain, Portugal and England.

Her biobibliography is registered in the “Dicionário Crítico de Escritoras Brasileiras” by Nelly Novaes, in the “Enciclopédia de Literatura Brasileira” by Afrânio Coutinho and Jô Gallant de Sousa, in the “Dicionário de Escritores” by Adrião Neto - Teresina/Piauí and in the “Endereçário Cultural Nacional e Internacional” by Abel Beatriz Pereira - Florianópolis/SC, among others.

She was awarded the 1999 Professor Guillerme Lage Trophy for Literary Prominence, awarded by the city of Conselheiro Lafaiete/MG, in the “Gente que Brilha” event made by journalist Elder José Martinho. She was also awarded the 2002 Cultural Merit Award from the UBE – União Brasileira de Escritores/RJ, with the 2005 International Prominence Award from the AMULMIG - Academia Municipalista de Letras de Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte /MG, the Certificado de amigo da paz, das artes, da poesia e da vida 2008, by  Rede Catitu, Alô Vida, Centro de Cultura Lagoa do Nado and Embaixada da Paz - CUEP - Belo Horizonte/MG,  and with the 2008 Cultural Merit Award from the Associação Aldrava Letras e Artes - Mariana/MG. "Doutora em Filosofia Universal/Ph.I. - Filósofa Imortal - Honoris Causa - Academia de Letras do Brasil and Conalb - Conselho Nacional das Academias de Letras do Brasil, Brasília/DF, 2010. Medalha de Recompensa à Mulher na Maçonaria Fluminense, Diploma da Grande Oriente do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro/RJ. 

She belongs to several cultural entities, among them: the Sociedade de Cultura Latina do Brasil/Mogi das Cruzes/SP, the Academia Municipalista de Letras de Minas Gerais and the Academia Feminina Mineira de Letras, both headquartered in Belo Horizonte /MG, the Academia de Ciências e Letras de Conselheiro de Lafayette – Conselheiro Lafaiete/MG, the InBrasCI - Instituto Brasileiro das Culturas Internacionais, Mariana/MG, the Associação Profissional de Poetas no Estado do Rio De Janeiro/RJ, the Grêmio Literário de Autores Novos – Volta Redonda/RJ, the Clube da Simpatia – Olhão Olhão/Portugal, the Poetas del Mundo headquartered at Chile, the Proyecto Cultural Sur do Brasil in Bento Gonçalves/RS,  the Accademia Internazionale Il Convivio, Castiglione di Sicilia - Sicilia/Italy, and Embaixadora Universal da Paz, Cercle Universel des Ambassadeurs de La Paix - Suisse/France. 

Published books: their covers are available in the Livros link

Pudim de claras com baba-de-moça – romance

O Compositor – romance

Contato Urbano – poetry

Na luz dos teus olhos – poetry

Sou Mulheres – poetry

Trem Mineiro – poems for childrens

Cavalo alado – stories

O Molar fugiu do sonho da menina – theater for childrens

Flagrantes do Viver - chronicles

(re)Leitura de Natal - Christmas poems 


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                         DOMINATION ©

My desire is to drink

All the letters of your personal alphabet,

Remove from it the words and to rob from the

Zodiac your sign and

Occult them in my heart

Scatter to the wind my love

Emitting your feelings

To turn tangible the moment of

Touching your soul

Emotionally, uniting it to mine.

To me happiness would be,

Occasion in which the total love would be filling me,

Redeeming your will,

Remodeling your personality,

Enveloping in my heart your truths,

So you would be eternally mine.


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Plank in the swamp,

decorates the mud

hiding frogs.



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Moths in the closets

destroying any past-

gnawing what's useless.


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In the bird's beak,

if the sun takes the night away,

 firefly is an insect.

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Hummingbird's nest

on the veranda's corner,

in the silver fern's vase.

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Merry Christimas

to English by Marzo Jr.)

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God bless your Christmas!

May He place on the table of your Soul Fine delicacies for you to serve in dishes of light

to all friends that seek you in this special day of our lives and also to the needy that may ring your bell in this day.


May the food blessed by God contain:


FRIENDSHIP that helps you through life.

FRATERNITY to all, with no distinctions.

CHARITY to those needy in physical or spiritual manners.

EQUALITY among Men on all its forms, with due respect to the great human diversity.

PATIENCE to those less gifted.

TOLERANCE with the youth as well as the elderly.

PERSEVERANCE so that each may achieve his goals.

HUMILITY to recognize that we all areImperfect and dependent on each other to live in this planet.

TRUST in God, for He alone matters and everything else is but the path to Him,As long as we find the right trail.

WISDOM to distinguish between necessary and superfluous values.

May you and your guests receive, share and feed the Soul and the Heart.

May God grant you HEALTH, LOVE and FAITH.

A wonderful Family as your Harbor.May God make all your Dreams and Wishes come true.

And may He bless our Friendship.

To you, in friendship.




Merry Christmas, Jesus!


To my friends who walk with me in the search or Infinite Good, thank you.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Happy 2010!


Save Mother Earth, save the Universe, our Home in this dimension.


Peace on Earth

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