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JavaScript Software and Libraries

There are online JavaScript engines that allow for easy testing of JS code:



Matt Kruse wrote a date library (link) that is now part of JavaScript Toolbox (link). The library allows for parsing and formatting dates similar to C# and similar typed languages.


To check if an element exists (link) use 
$('element').length != 0


Knockout - data binding, Model-View-View Model (MVVM) for JavaScript and UI. (link)


Handle module dependencies (link). Read more on "Why Require.JS?" - here.

Text Editors

Some text editors, implemented in JavaScript, that can be used in web pages:
  • TinyMCE
    • AutoResize plugin (link). It is already included in the main distribution, though!
  • ckEditor

Graphical Libraries

  • Raphael (link)
  • Easel (link) is a library that makes it easier to work with Canvas. It represents a layer above so working with graphical elements is much simpler.

Unit Testing (TDD)

There is a list of JS unit testing frameworks at Wikipedia (link).
Here is a text on integrating JS testing into Visual Studio (link).
  • qUnit (link), TestSwarm, NQUnit

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)

  • Jasmine (link), jsTestRunner (link) + Jasmine adapter (link), running in Visual Studio (link)