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This page contains the information related to NuGet, a package manager for .Net platform.

NuGet Package Explorer is a nice GUI tool for creating, viewing, and editing nuget packages.


Download and install NuGet from the Downloads page at Codeplex (link). Or, alternatively, get it from the CI server here.
I simply added the NuGet.exe into Windows directory and now it is available through PowerShell and Command Prompt.


List packages at a custom location:
nuget list <package name or part of> /Source <location i.e. c:\temp\nuget>

To install a package, the command is
nuget install <package name> [/Source <location>]

Using as a Deployment Tool

On April 12, 2011, I've done some research in order to use NuGet as a deployment tool. I found out how to make it work with a custom repository location. Using Package Explorer made it easy to created packages.
However, the limitations were that only deployments that use XCopy-level were possible. Actually, running the package manually would allow various PowerShell scripts to execute so, in practise, a lot more would be possible.


  • Building a Self-Updating Site using NuGet (link)
  • Hosting your own Local and Remote NuGet Feeds (link)
  • Creating a Package (link)
  • Installing NuGet Packages Directly from the Command Line (link)