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Business Case

Business Case is the first step in the project initiation.

Business Case Template

A general template for a business case would be

  • Why is the project needed (issues & opportunities)?
  • How will the effort solve the issues or opportunities facing the organization?
  • What is the recommended solution(s)?
  • How does the solution address the issues or opportunities (benefits)?
  • What will happen to the business if the BPR effort is not undertaken (the do nothing scenario)?
  • When will the solutions be deployed
  • How much money, people, and time will be needed to deliver the solution and realize the benefits?
  • Background and Problem Statement
  • Expected Outcomes and Benefits
  • Description and Overview of Each Option
  • Expected Benefits of Each Option
  • Initial Risks and Issues
  • Initial Estimates of Costs and Time
  • Recommendation & Justification
  • Business Case Tutorial at Prosci (link)
  • Business Case Template from Australian Department of Health (link). Another version, PDF link.
  • How to write a business case template (link)