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Testing Software

Here is the list of software tools used for software testing. The software testing guidelines are here.

Software Testing Best Practices by IBM Research (link).

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)

  • SpecFlow, site on GitHub (link). See attached specflow_report.cmd script for generating reports.
  • MSpec (Machine.Specification) github
  • SpecUnit .Net (link)
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Unit Testing

Open Source frameworks for unit testing .Net code:
  • xUnit (link)
  • NUnit
  • Visual Studio unit testing framework

Mock frameworks

  • Moq
  • RhinoMocks
Acceptance Testing

Automated testing frameworks

FIT, iValidator (link).
Fitnesse (link).

For ASP.Net, check Watin (link).
Also see Selenium.

Continuous Integration

To run Selenium Remote Control on CI server the following have to be prepared:
Deploy Selenium Server from Mercurial repository.
Add Java Runtime Environment (JRE) bin directory to path.
Add Firefox installation directory to path.
Run Selenium Server and leave session running, as it runs in a console window.

Services Testing (WCF, SOA)

  • SoapUI, Functional Testing tool for SOA and Web Service testing.

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