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Entity Framework

Entity Framework Feature Suggestions on UserVoice (link).

Expression Editor (link) is the tool that enables creation of textual expressions that are used for OrderBy, Select, and Where parameters.

  • Building N-Tier Apps with Entity Framework 4 (link)
  • Getting started with EF using MVC (link), series of 10 articles.

Code-First Development (EF 4.1)

MvcScaffolding: One-to-Many Relationships, Steve Sanderson (link).
Scott Gu has a great introductory post for Code First Development concept with EF 4 (link).
Using Code-First with Asp.Net MVC 3 (link).

Data Annotations you can use with this approach, MSDN Magazine (link).
  • Override Conventions (link)
Using DbContext in EF 4.1:
  • Part 1: Introduction and Model (link)
  • Part 2: Connections and Models (link)
  • Part 3: Finding Entities (link)
  • Part 4: Add/Attach and Entity States (link)
  • Part 5: Working with Property Values (link)
Associations in EF 4.1 Code First series (link).


  • Code First Database Evolution (aka Migrations), 2010 (link)
  • Migrations, 2011 (link)
  • Posts on ADO.Net blog (link)


See Transactions page.

Working with POCOs


  • EF Power Tools (link)