Here are some good introductions to Scrum methodology:
Page at Wikipedia (link).
Introduction to Scrum - An Agile Process (link). A presentation downloadable here. (link) hosts Scrum Guide, which is an essential reading for Scrum practitioners, and assessment tests as well as videos.
Scrum site (link) at Eclipse.
How to implement SCRUM in 10 easy steps (link).

A (video) presentation by Jeff Sutherland (link) at Google.

Check Scrum Cheat Sheet or see the one attached, below.

Scrum Papers (link) has a great overview of Scrum in the first chapter, Introduction to Scrum. By Jeff Sutherland.

Scrum Training Institute's library (link) contains useful material, including Jens Ostergaard's presentation in why Scrum is hard.

Nokia Scrum Assessment

from Jeff Sutherland's presentation (link) on Scrum.
You know you do not do iterative development when:
  • Iterations are longer than 6 weeks
  • Iterations are not time-boxed
  • Team tries to finish all specification before programming
  • Iteration doesn't result in workable code
  • Iteration doesn't include testing
You know you do not use Scrum when:
  • Your product backlog doesn't include estimates
  • You can't generate a release burn-down chart and don't know your velocity
  • The team doesn't know who the product owner is
  • There is a project manager in the project who is involved with the work of the team


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