Honeyberries (Haskaps)

For us, these have been very productive and very easy fruits to grow. If you are looking to get a lot of fruit without a lot of effort, these are a good bet in Fairbanks. The taste is somewhat similar to blueberries, but milder and less somewhat less flavorful, in general.

Below we have listed the varieties we have growing in our orchard.

The varieties marked with an * are available for sale.


*Aurora - huge, super sweet berries.

*Berry Blue - Very large, fast growing bushes, tasty fruit.

Kamchatka - Very early, productive and tasty. Larger than most, but not as large as Aurora. We have had these ripen in June.

Tundra - The folks at Big M Farm in Nenana speak highly of these berries, both in terms of taste and productivity. The berries are larger than Blue Velvet or Blue Moon.

Blue Moon - Not as fast growing as Berry Blue, not as early as Kamchatka, not as large and sweet as Aurora. Better tasting than Borealis. A fine, but not remarkable berry

Borealis - Steve finds these berries unpalatable, somewhat bitter.

Blue Velvet - these have been growing very slowly for us. We are digging them up this year. Later ripening than most.

Boreal Beauty, Boreal Blizzard, Boreal Beast - These are new to us this year. We'll update when we can.